1. Ring Around the Witch Hat

You can use your handy witch hat or a cone, and use the middle less frisbees for rings. If you do not have them, try making rings out of aluminum foil for a fun game for an awesome at-home hermit Halloween!

2. Bob for Apples

If you have some apples and a plastic bin, you can fill it with water and watch the kids or friends bob for apples. Supervision required so it doesn’t get too spooky.

3. Spooky Face Painting

You can grab face paints at your local drug store and have at it! Homemade pumpkin faces, ghostly figures, or even a skeleton will be spooky and very Instagramable.

4. Pin the Tail on the Haunted Donkey

If you have some cardboard lying around, you can make a donkey and cover it in felt with super glue.  Make little tails with sticky ends so you may blindfold your kids and have them try to pin the tail on the haunted donkey.

5. Haunted Castle Builds Out of Pretzel Sticks and Icing

This is a sloppy project, but fun for that architect in the making. Have your kids stack pretzel stick by pretzel stick with icing to make a very haunted castle.  Use edible candy to treat yourself and your masked guests.

6. Spooky Story Contest

Think you are a stellar spooky storyteller? Let the games begin! Give the kids some markers and pencils and give them an hour to create the scariest spooky story and book. Each person can read their book to each other and all can vote when all are through for the scariest storybook award! Winner gets scary gummy worms!

7. Haunted Story Telling by Flashlight

Get your creative killer minds going by having a story contest in the dark. Scariest story wins!

8. Ghoulish Pumpkin Party

Get the pumpkin paint ready along with some super creative pumpkins and start the party right! Paint a cool pumpkin and make sure it’s cheeky, scary, and fun!

9. Dangerous Dance Party

No real danger at hand, but there are many YouTube Kids Halloween Dance mixes to either do a freeze dance party or a regular ole dance party. Get hopping!

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