What’s Your Christmas Reindeer Name?

Today is Christmas! Santa was very nice to us. We were good boys and girls.

We were so good this year, that Santa wants to give us an official Reindeer Name!

Find out your Reindeer Name by Finding the First Letter of Your First Name and the First Letter of Your Last Name. Then be officially indoctrinated in the Official Christmas Superstar Reindeer Records for helping Santa deliver all of his presents to all good boys and girls around the world!

First Letter of Your First Name

A – Mistletoe

B – Chestnut

C – Sprinkles

D – Admiral

E – Patches

F – Zip

G – Wiggles

H – Cinnamon

I – Hickory

J – Bootsie

H – Dizzy

I – Snuggles

J – Juggles

K – Flash

L – Lightning

M – Captain

N – Flash

O – Peppermint

P – Gumdrop

Q – Dazzle

R – Cocoa

S – Speedy

T – Blizzard

U – Pecan

V – Jolly

W – Apples

X – Snuggles

Y – Spark

Z – Speedy

First Letter of Your Last Name

A – Whiskerson

B – von Stride

C – Rocketson

D – McJingles

E – von Whimsy

F – Bellingham

G – Wonderland

H – Gallopsalot

I – Mistletoe

J – Slushbucket

K – McSkating

L – Frostino

M – Snowridge

N – Charms McGee

O – O’Fastsleigh

P – Brightlights

Q – Flying Squirrel

R – Ridehigh

S – Steadyassheblows

T – Treedancer

U – McDizzy

V – Flying V

W – Whiskerlong

X – Wanderman

Y – Rainbow

Z – Zazzle Dazzle

My reindeer name is Speedy Gallopsalot, what’s yours?

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