How to Be ‘ THE GOODEST’ Mom During the Pandemic

Wowser this pandemic has been super tough on parents with school aged children!

Parents have been forced to play teacher, assistant teacher, art teacher, gym teacher, computer teacher, technology teacher, and of course English teacher. My child told me I was the goodest mom today, so obviously I am lagging behind here.

But in all seriousness, we have been forced to play a part we never intended to play. Yes, I want what’s best for my children. Yes, I want them to have the best education possible. Yes, I want them to do the best they can do. And yes, I still want to prioritize my needs too. It just seems like no matter what mothers do, how hard they work at home, home office or home school, we NEVER really KNOW HOW WE are doing, mainly until it’s too late.

Anyhow although my son said I was the goodest mom, I will take it.

I am doing my best and by god that is good enough.

It is time to celebrate ourselves, give ourselves that much needed pat on the back and truck on.

In the meantime, here are 5 ways you can be the goodest mom too.

1. Get McDonalds for Lunch

The drive thru gets us out of the house and although it is not the healthiest of options, you will get that hero mom award with the QUICKNESS.

2. Support Them During Online Classes via Zoom

As much as we have other obligations at home like housework, working from home, or taking care of other things, it is important to wingman your children during their at home school curriculum. You want to show the teachers you are on your game as much as you want your own kids to be on their game.

3. Daily Playground Trips

As much as it stinks to change into out of home clothes, you need to commit to outdoor education safely with a mask as it is imperative you and your kids stay socially active.

4. Take Them To The Beach Boyeeeee

Going to the beach is also a pain in the butt as you have to lug your beach toys, chairs and blankets. Don’t forget the sunscreen, water, and snack and remember you are doing a good job.

5. Take The Kids on a Boat Ride

Although most indoor activities for kids are cancelled, outdoor activities are running hot. If you are fortunate enough to live an hour or so close to a body of water, more than likely each will have a boat you can either rent or charter. There are whale watching, fishing, and relaxing water cruises via sailboats or power boats that will be relaxing for you and your kids.

How are you being the goodest mom this year?

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17 thoughts on “How to Be ‘ THE GOODEST’ Mom During the Pandemic

  1. Really enjoyed the article, it is definitely hard being a parent during the pandemic. I’m currently trying to help a family out of Vegas, a single mom who ended up losing everything and not being able to provide for your kids is definitely every parents worst nightmare. Email me would love to chat more and show you what I am doing for them. Maybe get some tips and see if you might be able to lend a helping hand. I hope you have an amazing day 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes they sure are, let me just apologize for some of my other comments. I haven’t been on wordpress in awhile and I realized I let my frustration show cause I thought my comments kept getting deleted. So I am deeply embarrassed and extremely sorry for my brashness. Thank you for the reply, was hoping you might be able to collaborate with me and maybe do a joint blog post together and maybe link the gofundme page I set up for this family? Thoughts on that?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That would be amazing and thank you I really am super embarrassed with how frustrated I got LOL. Ok let me just type up the back story real quick and then I will post it in the next comment.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Shari turrell is a single mom of two kids, her husband passed away back in 2007. She started her own company doing events, nothing crazy just things that would help build memories for people. She grew up in Vegas so she knew alot of vendors and could get things at a discounted price. She is also a big believer in creating memories because we never take material things with us when we pass. So when the pandemic happened she had just moved out of her house because it had a black mold problem. She had plans to rent another home, events lined up for the summer and the rest of the year etc. Well then the pandemic happened instead of finding a home she was using the money in savings and what she had gotten back to try and survive. Her son had just moved to Washington to pursue culinary school up there. So it was just her and her 16 year old daughter. She filed for unemployment and had provided the state of Nevada with all her proof and then some. By this point she was living in her car with her daughter. After her daughter had suffered a heat stroke she had to send her to stay with her brother because she just couldn’t care for her the way she wanted to. This alone broke her heart to have to do this. She continued waiting and waiting on unemployment. Finally in July she was approved and set for deposit. Her case manager finished it all on a Friday, that Monday a new case worker came in. Canceled her payment, flagged her as fraud and denied her from the program. This gentleman then had an internal investigation opened up against him and any other cases he may have mismanaged. Its been a huge ordeal. Shari has been attacked multiple times in her car while parked in parks at night. She mentally has been put through the wringer. DETR had her file an appeal and then took two months to respond only to tell her she will get a hearing sometime next year. This woman has lost everything because of nevadas corrupt unemployment system and lost all faith in everything. She finally went to Washington for a job interview and I do believe she got it. So now while she tries to rebuild her life all over again. I just want to show them that people care and they do have a heart and that this year the holidays are not going to be lonely there not going to be scary. Let’s show them that their is a light at the end of the tunnel.
        There is the news article linked in the bio of the page so people can also read about her story as well. If you have any questions please let me know and thank you so so much.

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  2. Hi I think my comment last comment didn’t post properly, I did enjoy your post and its definitely a hard time right now to be a parent but you have a lot of great ideas to keep the kiddos engaged and having fun and definitely to be a good mom. I’m actually reaching out because I’m trying to help a single mom from Vegas who lost everything during the pandemic and I was hoping you might have some ideas or be able to lend a hand with how I could better help them. If you could email me at I would so appreciate that and I can send you everything I have in regards to what I’m doing to help them especially with the holidays coming up And yes I am a real person just in case this came off sounding like a bot at all LOL I hope your having an amazing day and look forward to chatting with you.

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