Merry Christmas, everyone! We absolutely love Christmas time here at Leverage Ambition. We love to put up our tree right after Thanksgiving, so we have 4 weeks to decorate it. What do you think?

We still have so much work to do before seeing family and friends, including getting stamps to send out Christmas packages this week.

I love creating Christmas Elf names for the family, as nicknames are always fun to create during the holidays.

You can take the first letter of your first name and your birth month to come up with your magical elf name.

First Letter of Your First Name

A – Sweetie

B – Jolly

C – Bubbles

D – Tootsie

E – Joyful

F – Sugarplum

G – Twinkle

H – Candy

I – Merry

J – Flirty

K – Chipper

L – Angelic

M – Happy

N – Cookie

O – Sparkle

P – Cheerful

Q – Delightful

R – Spunky

S – Candy

T – Sprinkles

U – Cupcake

V – Perky

W – Frosty

X – Precious

Y – Sunny

Z – Pinky

Your Birth Month

January – Twinkle Toes

February – Sugarplum

March – McJingles

April – Sparklepants

May – Peppermint Buns

June – Sugar Socks

July – Sprinkle Pants

August – Angel Ears

September – Sugar Bells

October – Pointy Toes

November – McSprinkles

December – Jolly Toes

My name is Perky Sprinkle Pants, what’s yours?

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