It is late winter and the season is dragging on. We are all getting pretty bored and with boredom comes a time to change things up and try new things.

I love taking walks outside now because as the weather warms up, the birds are singing, and new flowers start to bloom. With the weather change comes a palette change, and it’s time to check out some new activities to get you back into the swing of things to help you step up your game this year.

  1. Go Apple Picking
  2. Go on a Hike
  3. Host a Large Family Dinner
  4. Go on a Scenic Drive
  5. Cook Warm Chili
  6. Visit a Farm
  7. Bake a Pie from Scratch
  8. Decorate your Home
  9. Stay in a Cabin in the Woods
  10. Snuggle in Bed
  11. Have a Bonfire
  12. Visit a Museum
  13. Make Homemade Trail Mix
  14. Drink Apple Cider
  15. Boil Cinnamon and Oranges to Make Your House Smell Great
  16. Try a New Recipe
  17. Drink a New Latte
  18. Pick Flowers
  19. Visit a Winery
  20. Go Mini Golfing
  21. Go on a New Adventure
  22. Try a New Restaurant
  23. Read a New Book
  24. Visit a Book Store
  25. Visit a Seasonal Festival
  26. Go to a Farmers Market
  27. Create a Gratitude List
  28. Go on a Jog
  29. Walk the Beach Shore
  30. Stretch

What are some fun activities you are doing to change it up?

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