I figured you may want to know how we typically spend our Sundays, to give you some ideas on how to spend yours too!

The weekend is a great time for us to rest and relax.

The work slash school week is always a mad dash and rush to knock out projects left and right. By the end of the week, we are absolutely exhausted and look for any way to rest up before the week repeats itself.

Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels.com

Here are some of our Sunday to-do’s that we love to do when we are on a mission to chill.

  1. We love to watch family movies on Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix. Lately we have been streaming new free movies on YouTube. Check out a full list of Free to Watch Movie list here.
  2. We love to drive around and discover different parks in our area, exploring playgrounds we have never been to before. Here is a list of the best free outdoor parks in LA, where they have lists for most every major city in the US if you are outside of LA.
  3. We love Dunkin’ Donuts! We go through the drive through and get the 2 for $2 egg and cheese wraps, 2 chocolate sprinkled donuts, 2 strawberry sprinkled donuts and an egg and cheese croissant.
  4. We vacuum the house and change our sheets. If you are one to knock out all your chores on the weekend, here is a list of must do’s which is a full comprehensive cleaning list to help bust out a shiny clean house.
  5. We catch up on any homework and reading we can do online. Many teachers do not approve of doing homework on the weekends for a full day of rest, however homeschool has a ton of homework to do. Here is a full debate on doing homework on the weekends here.
  6. We come up with new blog article ideas to get us through the week. Here are 189 creative blog post ideas to help draw a bigger audience.
  7. We play in the backyard. Here is a list of fun things to do in our backyard from the LA Times.
  8. We get the car washed. Yelp provides a full list of self serve car washes for your convenience.
  9. We head to the beach when it’s nice outside. Here is a list of the top California kid-friendly beaches for you to reference if you are needing a new beach to try out.
  10. We go for a bike ride on the beach down the PCH. Here is a group that brings many cyclists together to ride as a crew here.
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com

What errands do you knock out on Sundays?

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