Having guests over for the holidays?

God bless and good luck to you!

Don’t forget these 5 extra things to clean before guests come over for the holiday parties.

1. The Heating Vents

Air filters can be expensive but they are a good thing to have cleaned prior to having your guests come over for the holidays.

Many people forget to clean the air vents in their home, and it is a good place for dust and grime to live as you live beside them.

You can either get a ladder stool and some plastic gloves with some hot soapy water and do it yourself (aka DIY it), or you have have a cleaning service get it done for you on your own.

2. Clean the Oven + Microwave

Your microwave is like your car, it is always nice to have it look fresh and clean for the holidays!

We just bought a new one ourselves as our four year old microwave just bit the dust. RIP white wonder, you’ll be missed.

3. Steam Clean Your Floors

Not sure about you but our floors are all covered in rugs, except for the bathroom and kitchen areas. Even those areas though could use a good clean prior to having guests roll through to show you went the extra mile.

Our carpets happen to be a light beige color so we need to get them cleaned every 4 to 6 months to give them a fresh new look and feel.

4. Vacuum the Wall Corners

Dust and cobwebs love to fall in the darnedest places, don’t they?

The wall corners are always something I tend to forget in my weekly cleans but before guests come, make sure to give them a once over with the vacuum.

5. Clean Your Car

This is a non in-home option, but it always makes you look better when your car is clean and ready to go! You never know when it could happen but it is always nice to have a fresh clean car for those last minute trips to the store for spices or beverages.

What did we miss?

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