Nature is full of big surprises and many parts of nature can be used to our benefit!

We all seem to have a ton of time on our hands now that the pandemic continues to get worse, so why not get down and dirty with some Do It Yourself or DIY projects and nature crafts to pep up your day!

Here are some quick nature crafts I think you’ll really enjoy today!

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  1. Nature Jar Display

Remeber when going to the beach or the woods that you can grab the natural elements you see on the ground and in the sea to use in your nature jar. If you fill it partially with sand and rocks, then add some beautiful shells in a glass jar, you will have a memory of your trip and also a sweet decor piece for your desk or bedroom. Some of our jars are on our dining room table to create a beachy feel and mood.

2. Homemade Bird Feeders

There are so many different creative ways to feed the birds as you can see in this display. The first way is slicing apples and tying them with twine. You can dry them out beforehand and watch the birds flock to it. Another way to do it is to string peanuts and raisins together and hang it from a stick. You can also use a half orange rind or grapefruit vine and fill it with birdseed while tying it up to a tree. They have bird seed wreaths as well, all can be found here on Pinterest if you want to make it an all day fun project to help give back to nature here.

3. Boho Modern Wood Art with Driftwood, Wooden Beads and Feathers

This is something you can buy from Etsy, link above, or you can make it on your own if you do a little search hunt for the objects in your local woods. Here they use some string or twine, a piece of drift wood, feathers and wooden beads. Here you can string them equally on the driftwood by tying them to the wood or you can screw in holes in the wood and secure them there. Either way this is a fun way to create a natural looking piece of artwork in your house that your guests can talk about. When it is homemade and unique I find it’s a better talking piece than just saying you found it online.

4. Rustic Handmade Natural Tree Lamp

If you have collected a ton of dead tree branches and sliced them up, you can glue them to an old light stand and get something like the above that is available for purchase for over $100! You can save money and get creative at the same time. If this looks good, this is a great housewarming gift for friends and family alike. I love the natural look of this lamp and it gives a sleek centerpiece for any desk or bureau in the bedroom or the dining room alike.

5. Natural Wood Block Candle Holder

This is a super fun activity to do with family. You can see in the picture above that you can use twigs, acorns, and more to decorate your candle holder. This is a great centerpiece for guests arriving at your next dinner party. You can also use it in a bedroom or desk nearby too. All you need it a log splpit in half. You then screw holes in it on top, big enough to fit the candles. If you have pine cones in your neighbor hood too, it would be a nice gesture to superglue them on too. This is a fun projhect that can be gifted to others at Christmas time to make the pefect centerpiece at your dinner table. I love the rustic flare!

What fun nature crafts have you done recently? We’d love to hear in the comments below as we’d love to try them too.

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