Fresh Watermelon Margaritas

Fresh watermelon margaritas are the cure for Taco Tuesdays or a day of fun and relaxation.

This is a winning recipe that you’ll absolutely love! Best part is that if you like your margaritas spicy, you can simply add a little jalapeno juice and sliced jalapenos in it to spice it up.

First, the rim will need salt. You need to dip it in lemon or lime juice and then use sea salt and paprika mixed together, then add a lime and or mint on the side. We have fresh mint in our garden that we just pull out!

Second, the actual drink! You are going to need fresh watermelon, agave liquid, your favorite tequila (I love Casamigos), and jalapenos with a little jalapenos juice from the glass jar.

Make sure you put all of these ingredients raw in the blender for the best effect, and add a few ice cubes too.

I would recommend one tequila shot per drink, as you’ll definitely want more than one.


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