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Easter is here! We are excited to see the spring flowers and enjoy celebrating Easter as we roll into a new season. Here is some Easter trivia for you to test out today.

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  1. In which country did Easter Bunny originate?
  2. Which celebration immediately is after Easter?
  3. What is an Australian alternative to the Easter Bunny?
  4. What planet has come to symbolize Jesus’ resurrection?
  5. What is the Friday before Easter usually called?
  6. What was written above Jesus’ head on the cross?
  7. What kind of cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus?
  8. Which U.S. President held the first Easter Egg Roll?
  9. Who did Pilate release instead of Jesus?
  10. What kind of crown did the Romans give Jesus?
  11. Which country boasts the largest Easter egg collection?
  12. Which bread product is associated with Easter?
  13. What is the traditional Easter bread in Russia?
  14. What pagan goddess is often associated with Easter?
  15. What does tradition of Easter egg symbolize?

6) King of Jews 11) Poland 4) Lily 10) Crown of Thorns

8) Rutherford B. Hayes 3) Easter Bilby 14) Ostara 12) Pretzel

15) Rebirth 1) Germany 5) Good Friday 9) Barabbas 2) Lent 13) Julich 7) Linen

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