It’s going to be an amazing month. People love you when you love you and everything follows after that. It’s time to stop holding your breath, and meditate and breathe.

The people that are supposed to be in your life are in your life. You do not have to convince anyone to love you but you.

You can sustain this life, and it’s time for you to set up your future.

If you are unemployed or in between jobs, it is time to create.

You have the ability to create your own future and you are the only one that can choose that path.

Peace, joy, and contentment will fill your home.

It’s not about rushing, it’s about brushing away the bad and letting in the new.

Once you are able to process your dark night of the soul, you will be able to allow new friends and new opportunities in.

Your soul knows who you are when you let go of the needs of everyone else.

The path is clear if you want it to be.

Long term it is critical to listen and follow your intuition, in a mindfully, and calmly beautiful way.

Short term, you are doing an amazing job and it’s important to know when to leave the party.

You don’t need anything but yourself, no matter what the tides bring.

Let go of who you think you are supposed to be so you can embrace who you truly are.

Purpose of life is to be authentically YOU.

What you need is in YOU.

In your own house, in your own mind, you are free.

Life is a school is to remember what your soul already knows.

We are limitless. Nothing can stop us but ourselves and our mindset.

Try the one thing you haven’t tried. Believe in yourself.

Try something different.


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