Red California Tides + Pirates Treasure Found on the Beach

Another day, another dive.

Our family has been going to the beach after homeschool in search of new sea animals and sea plants.

It has been mild temperature wise and in the 80s, so we have been frequenting the beach often as the wind makes it feel like the 70 degree weather.

Typically the wind gives a 10 to 15 degree temperature lower than what is shown on your local thermometer reading.

We found that there was a partial red tide due to the algae overgrowth. More about it on Patch here.

At first we called it a Crimson Tide but quickly realized that’s just the 1995  movie with Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman about the Cuban Missile crisis, check it out it.

Many families and friends have been visiting the beach more often now that most restaurants, parks, schools and after school programs are cancelled. Therefore many have decided to make lemonade out of lemons and head to the beach!

When arriving at the beach we social distanced about 20 feet away from others, and brought a picnic lunch with snacks and plenty of water too to nourish ourselves during the stay.

We brought plastic bags of Apple Jack’s and Fruit Loops, 4 bananas, baked chicken, 3 bottles of water and 4 Larabars, the Cashew Cookie flavor.

There are some shady characters roaming the beach and trying to spark conversation, but it is important to try and stay as far away from others as you do not know where they have been.  Some may be high risk for COVID, so best to wear a mask and keep your distance.

With that we still were able to have fun, and dug for treasure!

We found a pink frisbee, a red sand castle toy, a small green army man plastic figurine, a scuba diver minion, a pumpkin seed, a small pink plastic sifter, 2 dinosaurs and an plastic yellow ball.

We were very surprised to see that so many families forgot their toys!

The California coast is amazing and so serene, check out the waves here.

We decided to put on SPF 50 during our stay, and came prepped with 4 sunglasses and hats as well.

California is known for it’s high UV index it’s good to bring back up sunscreen as you need to reapply per the SPF rating. Therefore if you put on SPF 50 you need to reapply every 50 minutes. That could be an old wives tale, but we try to hit that mark and usually never get burned.

Have you been to the beach?

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  1. Pam Webb says:

    To wander the beach sounds relaxing.

    1. It is, Pam! You should give it a shot.

      1. Pam Webb says:

        I would have to find one. We have lakefront sand—not the same as an ocean walk😊

      2. Guess it’s time for a road trip! 🌊

      3. Pam Webb says:

        Oh, I wish.

  2. I love the ocean. Great post. Scary featured picture! Epic. 🌊