Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future! We have now been landlocked for over 9 months with COVID numbers running high during the winter season.

It is hard to keep busy. We go for walks, take hikes, grab tea and coffee to go, and visit our favorite local restaurants for takeout food (shout out to Mayura in Culver City). Something is missing though, and that is…drum roll please…

You guessed it! Egg carton crafts!

If you are like us, eggs are eaten often and we are always a few days away from an empty egg carton.

We found 5 creative crafts you can make for fun and entertainment during those long winters days when you are looking for something fun to do. Let’s get started!

1. Adelie penguins – these guys are super cute and super fun to create! Bonus, you are reusing recyclable materials! Go you.

2. Egg Carton Wreath – such a unique way to add a hint of textured decor to one of your boring old doors!

3. Egg Carton Turtles – these little turtle babies are super squishable, you just want to kick them they are so cute!

4. Egg Carton Mushrooms – perfect for Super Mario video gamers that want to display their fandom with some cheeky mushroom art!

5. Egg Carton Flowers – for those that want to spread the flower power without getting petals on the ground shortly thereafter, these infinite egg carton flowers are a great create gift for any loved one that needs a smile!

What other creative activities are you getting into this holiday break?

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