Kids birthday parties are meant to be simple. The scariest part of the party is the dreaded kid who dares to say, “I’m bored” or even worse, “This party sucks.” This is why us parents need to be prepped WAY in advance with activities that are fun and entertaining so that that kid doesn’t even the chance to talk about how bored he is or could be in the first play.

With that, we’ve made a list of simple kids birthday party activities to help get this party started right. We like to decorate the area we are having the party with too with balloons, plastic table clothes, streamers and more.

We made the birthday party easy on ourselves and had family make the dessert cupcakes for us so all we had to do was get the chips and order the pizza.

We ordered all of the activities below from Amazon and then went to the 99 Cent store to get the balloons and goody bags for the end of the party. The 99 Cent store is PERFECT for birthdays as Party City can be quite expensive.

Here we go! Below are 9 simple kids birthday party activities that the kids will love.

Balloon Break, Sit or Stomp – Fill balloons with a candy or a quarter and fill many so that they will stomp or sit on them to break them and get prizes. This is not for the smaller kids that may get a little frightened so make sure this is supervised if you have little ones crawling around.

children playing with balloons on green grass field
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Saran Wrap Candy Ball – Start by buying a huge bag of candy and saran wrap for this special birthday party activity. Slowly wrap up candy every foot or so to make a saran wrap candy ball. The kids can sit in a big circle and when the candy falls out it is a fun surprise!

Potato Sack Races – Regular old potato sacks work or you can spring for the multicolored fair-like pouches with the straps for the kids. Either way, kids absolutely love potato sack races. Make sure to buy that referee whistle so you can be the referee to signify the start and go of the races.

Tug-O-War – Tug-O-War is a fantastic birthday party activity. They sell huge tug of war ropes on Amazon that you will love and can use during holidays for more family fun then too. You can do boys versus girls or older kids versus younger kids. Either way, this tug of war is a sure fire hit to help the kids compete for the GOLD. Buying some medals will also help increase their pride and glory.

children playing tug of war
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Boiled Egg Races – You can use wooden spoons and wooden eggs or boiled eggs here. Kids have to balance eggs in the wooden spoons and walk from one side of the grass to the other AND back again. This can also be done on sand too. It’s a great birthday party activity that tests the kids patience and motor skills.

Handball Wall – My kids absolutely LOVE handball. They play it everyday and love to play with a big group of kids too. You just need a kick ball that is small to medium sized and the kids just bounce it and hit it all over the place all day. You can do versus competition where you do 1-on-1 handball where if one person misses the ball he is out and goes against the next kid. This is a fun kids birthday activity that takes time and can be barrels of fun.

a girl breakdancing on the park
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Relay Races with Baton Pass – Just like track in high school, baton races work at birthday parties too. I used to be the last leg of the 400 relay and boy was I fast. Now I am middle aged. Merp. But this is a great way to get kids up and racing. It also brings team camaraderie as they pass the baton from group member to group member. We bought medals for everyone for fun to make it more of an OIlympic theme party.

kids running from table to pinata
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Pinatas – Pinatas are super fun for birthday parties, especially when you have more than one. We had two pinatas since we have twin boys, but who says you can’t have more than one pinata just in case the first pinata is broken quicxkly?We filled this with tototsie rolls but you can fiull it with anything you prefer. Make sure to buy a long rope to hoist the pinatas in a tree. We had our party in a park so we just hoisted ours on the monkey bars and it worked out great.

dad and kids playing tug of war
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Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey – Pin-the-tail is a fun way to play at a birthday party. You will need a safe space and a blind fold. You will also need to pay attention to the kids pinning the tail on the donkey.Whoever gets the closest to the donkey’s actual tail wins a prize. We just had some over-sized candy bars available for fun as the grand prize.

If these 9 simple kids birthday party ideas didn’t jive with your crew, let us know. We also had the idea to put out hula hoops for a hula hooping contest, but we ended up passing on that. We also passed on the boccie ball and cricket, which can also be very fun for BOTH kids and adults.

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