Why I Feel like ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’ from Crank Yankers

1. I’ve sold garbage products, similar to ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’s energy drinks, to make a living and enjoy sugar, a bit of caffeine, and a dash of vodka here and there.

2. I live in a gated community that happens to have a high population of senior citizens similar to ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’s place of living, Nappington Gardens.

2. I am a retired semi-pro cheerleader, similar to ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’s’ retired semi-pro football status.

3. I require you to sign Mutual NDA prior to talking to me.

4. I enjoy good gospel music, and ‘Landalious “The Truth” Truefeld’ got the pipes!

5. I too, made many pranks calls similar to ‘ ‘, and do not plan on stopping ever. As Simon Sinek says, it’s the infinite game.

It that funny to you?

Watch it now as a refresher and let me know what you think in the comments below:

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