Healthy mammals need two major things to feel productive and balanced: safety and autonomy. Let me expand.

Our daily learning and occurrences in life produce our outcomes. In the middle of it all is our decisions and freedom of choice. Our first relationship we have in life is our mother and father. The way they interact with each other transfers through imitation, and can only be changed by the act of mindful meditation and understanding of these concepts. As times moves on the people we encounter also hold energies that you tend to hold on to. Sometimes for the detriment of your health, and sometimes to the benefit of your health. Identifying them is critical as when we define unwanted thoughts and feelings, we can move onto other things.

The Yin and Yang ancient symbol EQUALLY reflects the ebb and flow of balance of energy. It is almost a hieroglyphic of a healthy being.

Negative attachments and energy ebbs and flows of our lives need consistent healing, acceptance, and moments of release. The Yin and Yang ancient symbol equally reflects the balance of energy, which includes the healthy powerful mix of safety and autonomy. Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and other ancient physical healing practices give practitioners the ability to release energies that come in. This is done by releasing and awareness of energy and understanding the energy that you hold onto and how to release it.

Good news! We have the power to release that negative ball of energy.

Energy is retained in our body consistently, and the only true way to heal it is acknoledging it and releasing it.

Here is a mediation video I found helpful today below. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think in the comments below!