The Internal Narratives We Tell Ourselves, And How We Can Help Each Other

This article is about understanding the narratives we tell ourselves, and how it effects our daily living. The Black Lives Matter BLM# movement has taken place this year of COVID 2020.  BLM is a social injustice collaboration with people worldwide to end the injustice of systemic and overt and covert racism in America and beyond. […]

Birthday Week: What I’ve Learned, What I’ve Accomplished + How It’s Helped Me Grow

It’s my birthday today!  I am 39 years old with soon to be 7 year old twin boys, my proudest accomplishment. Here’s what I’ve learned: Haters are great motivation, and if you don’t have any you aren’t doing it right.  People naturally envy motivated, successful people.  The difference is the action after you put in […]