Wisdom Today

I feel left out this year. I feel like an outsider. I will be patient. I will shift. I will work hard.

The world is upside down, it’s okay to be still.

Don’t ignore your purpose. Don’t ignore your message.

Maginify your voice, and take a stand. But don’t over do it.

Take time to rest. Real rest. Don’t rush negative emotions, let them flow through your body.

Let’s be patient, let’s be kind, let’s do the hard things, be active learners and make the best of life. Life stings this year.

Dark night of the soul is necessary to process negative emotions, make sure you allow this energy. Let’s shine our light to the world with our true selves.

I have learned so much, and so have you. Our resources, wisdom and emotions are valid, let’s trust them.

Change is constant. Change is necessary to grow.

We have a lot to learn still, and that’s OK.

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