Essential oils are something that I’ve learned to cherish, especially in my mid to late 30’s. These oils have helped me avoid countless trips to CVS. Below are some oils, their scents, what they enhance or heal to help guide you on living your best life.

1. Peppermint oil

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Peppermint Patty was one of my favorite Charlie Brown characters as she had some spunk just like the plants themselves. Known to smell crisp, clean, invigorating, and cool, it is known to stimulate, energize and cure headaches of all types. This oil is know to relieve stress and reduce muscle pain from long hours at work and the gym. It is also been proven to stimulate hair growth, control skins oil levels, and help to ward off bugs and insects in the summer. Guess it’s not just an additive in our toothpaste!

2. Lavender Oil

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I remember going to my friends moms house growing up and she used to have these beautiful satchels of lavender in different places of her house like the kitchen, the living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and more. It was flagrant and relaxing and I really enjoyed it. It seems lavender is used for more then just satchels, and has a floral, herbal and sweet smell to enhance a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The oil is said to reduce stress and anxiety. Many use it to help calm themselves before sleeping as it helps them relax. There are many staples and hints of lavender in helping soothe sunburn and enhance hair quality too. Most useful for women is helping prementrual syndrome or PMS before monthly periods.

3. Eucalyptus Oil

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I never knew what eucalyptus oil did until buying my first set of essential oils more recently, and so glad I did! Eucalyptus has a strong earthy, woody, camphor-us, and herbal smell. Many people that have respiratory or breathing issues related to colds, asthma and allergies use it to help themselves. I have heard that it is a good dandruff killer too. Along with calming coughs, it is also known to calm coughs and muscle aches.

4. Tea Tree Oil

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The medicinal properties of tea tree oil are like no other. It has a super potent woodsy, earthly smell. It is a favorite for most skins issues including scar minimalizer, dandruff reduction, eczema clearing, sunburn soothing, and can actually be used in flu and cold protection. If you have athlete’s foot or nail fungus it is known to treat this as well. This is a great addition to your first aid kit, and can also be used for spot cleaning too.

5. Lemongrass Oil

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As you can imagine, this oil has strong grassy, lemon scents. Lemongrass oil is earthy, and reduce anxiety and stimulate strong feelings of calm. It is known that it repels both mosquitos and fleas, which is great if you live in swampy areas and/or have pets. Skin improvement happens as well with this oil, especially if you have acne or dandruff. If you have a fever and rub it on your skin, it is known to help lower your fever. It is also a great pain reliever for aches and muscle pain.

6. Rosemary Oil

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If you are having a hard time paying attention, diffusing rosemary oil while studying is known to help attention spans. If you need to memorize some lines in your acting class, or pay attention to those math problems, this is a great plant to have around. Known to invigorate and simulate the senses, most all skin issues can be eradicated with this oil. If you have oily skin, acne, arthritis pain, and muscle issues, it’s a triple threat to help you live a more comfortable life.

7. Frankincense Oil

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This oil is an ancient holy one that promotes balance, peace and relaxation. There are references to frankincense in the bible, and for a good reason! It promotes mindfulness and has a warm, spicy and sweet aroma that you can’t miss. It can also be described as woody and resinous. Skin wise it is a miracle maker as it calms irritations, firms sagging skin, and can minimize age spots and scarring to help you live your best life.

8. Orange Oil

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Known as the botanical insecticide, orange oil acts as a mood elevator while simultaneously can help treat household surfaces too! A skin and hair favorite, orange oil can keep your scalp clean and shiny while treating acne as well. It’s refreshing, citrus scent will help rejuvenate your mood and make you feel like a new guy!

And that’s a wrap! What oil is your favorite and how does it enhance your daily living?