Sales is like being an elite athlete. You have to fail often, and fix the fails fast as you go.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 10 questions the best sellers out there ask themselves when selling their product or pitch.

1. How can I help this company or person?

2. What is this company or person missing that I may be able to provide?

3. What creative angle can I spin to get my lead interested in working with me?

4. What can I do to improve myself, my company or future partners needs?

5. Do I believe in myself?

6. Do I believe in my product?

7. Am I focused on the right leads?

8. How can I do better today?

9. What am I missing?

10. What would I do if I were in my customers shoes?

Once you ask yourselves these honest questions with truth and purpose, you’ll find your way and your purpose.

What have you done this year to find your purpose and your best pitch? What process do you keep that makes you the best?