How Taoism Can Save the World


Mastery of the world is achieved by letting things take their natural course. You can not master the world by changing the natural way. ~ Lao Tzu

Our world is in a state of chaos in which control is the highest virtue. We do not have to look far to have this statement be relatable to you. Look at our homes or our workplace, we are constantly monitored. We are a control obsessed society that needs to stop.

Taoism is actually a Chinese letter and the philosophy is the act of letting go and letting energy flow. When a ruler tightens its grip on people, they become rebellious. When there is a balance of autonomy and safety, they thrive.

This goes for any aspect of life.

What have you noticed in your life systems that could use Taoism?

Let us know!

2 thoughts on “How Taoism Can Save the World

  1. Good post, but allow me to push back against the title. Taoism is constantly “saving” the world. For no one person or government can push at it too hard without it snapping back. Taoism is just a reference point for people to point at when other people try to manipulate things too much. Taoism can save people and maybe governments, but the world? No. It is already saved, and always will be. The question is, can we save ourselves?

    1. Taoism is constantly saving the world, however some may not be aware of the philosophy, hence the article and share. We can save ourselves through the philosophy, and I think it’s more relevant these days and kind to share the knowledge. We appreciate your feedback and take on it, BlueJoya. 🙂