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10 Comebacks for your Kids Questioning Phase

You have two major priorities: keep it like a White House press conference and keep your cool.

Here are 10 Comebacks for your kids in the questioning why phase:

1. Yes

That is correct. Validating a truthful clause.

2. No

Definitely not going to happen anytime soon, false claim.

3. Maybe

Anything is possible!

4. I don’t know

I may know, but don’t have an Encyclopedia Britannica with me to go over the biology and history of that claim.

5. Mmmhmm

That’s a humming yes without saying actual yes.

6. Silence just the double thumbs up

Strong validation.

7. Silence just the one thumb up

Light validation.

8. Okay

Good idea validation.

9. Anything is possible

The world is your oyster.

10. Next year

Not sure when but playing it safe with a long timeline.

What responses do you have in your back pocket? Share below please, as we could all use some help! 😉

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