I am normally not a horror movie buff, but decided to watch the movie ‘It’ today. Bad choice. Let me explain.

The movie ‘It’ is actually about a REAL PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE syndrome called Munchausen By Proxy. And it’s really, really real. Anyone that has the syndrome has it for life.

Back to the movie, SPOILER ALERT!

The main character Eddie has a mass fear of disease and germs. Is this not sounding like COVID to you? Our world leaders also seems to have this syndrome.

Eddie keeps getting false info and paranoia from his mother. She keeps him going to doctors appointments, gets him on a strict regimen of pills, convinces him of his different illnesses in utter isolation. FINALLY, he learns that they’re nothing but placebos, and it was all a lie.

‘It’ is a more DEADLY form of Munchausen by Proxy. And now I’m terrified.

Have you seen it? Do you know anyone with Munchausen by Proxy? Stay away, lol!