Let’s do this. This article is to identify and ambush the energy vampire at its tracks.

1. Identify the Energy Vampire

How do you know you’ve been ambushed by an energy vampire? Do a full energy audit scan of your body right after you meet with a person. Are you still carrying their energy? If your answer is yes, read on. If you answer is no, you haven’t been attacked by an energy vampire.

2. Isolate the Energy Vampire

No, I don’t mean lock them in your basement. I mean cut off the energy vampire. Avoid all contact if absolutely necessary. If this is not an option, become an actor. No that doesn’t mean do your best medieval accent. It means you know the energy vampire is going to suck your energy, right? You need to protect yourself now.

3. Become An Actor

Not your best Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston. Yourself, but with your energy guard orb you create by becoming a pseudo actor. All questions asked from the Energy Vampire must have a guarded response as to not fully allow them to effect your energy field.

4. Guard Your Energy

Still with the energy vampire now? Remain calm. Have you taken on their energy yet? If no, you are still safe.

5. Release the Energy Vampire

If you somehow have gotten bit by the energy vampire, check out my article on healing meditations!

Have you been bit by an energy vampire?