I talked to several founders this quarter. There numbers were behind. In other words, same s&*%, different day.

‘The team is not hitting 100% of their KPI.”

“They aren’t hitting the goals.”

“I am on all their calls and watch all their deal progress.”

“I’ve taken over the team.”

“I need new talent.”

“I’ve done everything I can do.”

News flash Walter Cronkite, the problem is you.

A healthy KPI is defined as hitting 70% of your target. 100% should be the stretch goal. You make the goal in the beginning of the year and negotiate it every quarter with that individual seller and broadcast it up.

They aren’t hitting the goals because of your selfish needs, which is not the infinite game, it’s the temporary.

But I’ve saved the team! I took it over last year. Selfish.

Your team doesn’t feel safe.

If you are interviewing, so are they. They can feel it. Even when your calendar is private.

Hiring new people is not the answer. The answer lies within.

You haven’t done all you can do.

This is how we know the good leaders versus the bad.

They make their teams feels safe.

They make their teams feel capable.

And that provides balance.

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