Anything we see, hear, breathe, and interact with on a base level has the power to influence us.

Our growth happens inside our mom’s belly, and then with your parents, your family, your peers and your community.

As we are indoctrinated into the school system we are taught about our masters outside of our family unit.

In every country is different. Some prioritize God, some prioritize other religions, some prioritize movies, music, what have you.

The thing we are not fully taught is the importance of our masters.

As we grow we independently get to think on our own and choose our masters.

Some choose their mentors as religious, some choose their mentors as their parents, some choose their mentors as rich people, some choose their mentors as famous people. It’s all relative.

The importance is that you are independently able to think on your own and choose your own destiny.

Anyone telling you different is trying to be your master.

Independence and self sufficiency are the keys to mastering yourself.

Just like those pinnacles of success in work, life, and play, they all demonstrate one commonality.

Independent success.

It is particularly important to understand the narratives you’ve been taught, and how to adjust beliefs that may not be inherently true.

For instance, for many years in work life I didn’t think my independent voice mattered.

Many would take credit for my work, and give blame for my failures.

But I persisted.

I learned step by step how to create my independence from other companies and become my own master.

I’ve created my own voice.

I amplified that voice.

I continue to grow that voice.

And I continue to respect myself for that voice.

How are you respecting yourself today?

Let me know if the comments below, and I appreciate you!