The BLM movement was a much needed societal refresher and wake up call for America and the World. George Floyd did not die in vain.

Activists are speaking their minds and are public. Non-patriarchal supporters are speaking their minds on the injustice going on in our communities, schools, jobs and homes. Discrimination is more easily identifiable then ever before. And we are not going to take it lying down.

More recently, we have been a great part of the global awakening.

What have we realized? What have we learned?

First, systemic rascism is now more easily identifiable than ever before. You can see it by the boards of directors and business owners, and you can CLEARLY see who is at the table.

Second, YOU choose the organizations YOU support by choosing where you work. You have control over where you work.

Third, friendly reminders:

If a corporate entity you are associated with has a board of directors OR employees that is NOT fully diversified, you do not support diversity.

If a corporate entity shames those of a specific race publicly and privately, you are supporting discrimination.

If a corporate entity supports the patriarchy, you are supporting discrimination.

YOU have the ability to change your destiny by changing your environment.

What do you choose? Leave your comments in the section below, we’d love to hear from you!