You work in sales or know someone that is having trouble in sales?

If you work in sales, you understand the sales pain we go through to get a deal inked and live.

The constant emailing, the creative email subject lines, the first outreach, the ghosting, the personal reflection, the dead air, the performance reviews, the social networking, the progress tracking, the qualifying questions, the bad management; IT NEVER ENDS. And to put it NICELY, sales is not for EVERYONE.

And sales is ALSO DEFINITELY NOT for the weak hearted, meek and lazy.

Only the brave and courageous that WANT TO WIN, take the CAKE! And the high commission checks! 😉

You need to be able to take a good Donkey Kong sales punch with rejection, and get up again every hour, every day, every minute.

This voracious appetite for the sale comes from the deep passion to win, no matter what the cost.

You need to ask the right questions to get you where you need to be. If you are a sales manager with an under-performing employee, you need to ask the right questions to understand where they are at so you can help them improve.

Sports players understand this pain best, which could be why so many athletes get into sales as a career. It takes grit and perseverance that no other department in corporate can take. The stress of handling a deal and making sure it goes through is like no other. But the risk is worth the reward.

Most sales folks end up managing a team and become Chief Revenue Officers (CRO), Chief Operation Officers (COO), or even Chief Executive Officers (CEO).

We are know you are here for hilarious sales memes to help you take your pain lightly, so here you go CHAMP!

Which hilarious sales meme is YOUR FAVORITE? Let us know below!

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