Asking questions in any new sales call is the best thing you can do to discover their needs, issues, and wants.  It helps them think about their problems, makes you look like you care, and helps them think about why you’d need that solution you offer to solve their problems.

Sales is the easiest job to get into, and the hardest job to keep, mainly due to high demands from other executives that usually have no clue how hard the sales ushering process and close really is.

This job is not for the weary and weak.

Persistence, self awareness, reflection, and grit are all personality traits you must have to be at the top of your game.  Politics can also have a negative influence on your game as getting the sale in a corporate environment is not always the 100%, end all be all way to success. The reality is, most do not like the trophy employee, and your ego and how you show up effects your position too. So it’s not just about playing the sales game, but also playing your chess pawns just right to get the deal and seal it for the long term. 

The reason you want to stay as long as possible is mainly for your resume to make you look valuable and consistent.  Many companies will try to use you and burn you out as fast as possible, but playing the slow game and going easy on yourself by taking care of you during the onboarding and uptake process is critical.  Setting boundaries earlier at a job will help you live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Back to the grind though, on the daily it is important to prequalify your leads and understand the who, what, where, why, when and how of your products value to the consumer. Your job is to try to understand if your product would benefit them ahead of time so you are not wasting time mass e-blasting those that may not care.

I have found that the open ended questioning methods are the best way to win a sale. Not only does it qualify the prospect, but it gets them to open up about their issues, their needs, their timing, and their overall feeling on your product.

Here are tons of questions to help you get a better understanding of your future clients needs, and help you inch through that new sale to close.


What should I know about your business?

What are you working on now?

What has come up over the last few months?

What does this quarter look like for you?

What are your biggest challenges today?

What made you take our call today?

What is the one thing you’d like to take away from this call today?

When and how often will you be assessing your vendors?

What do you think about our offer so far?

What’s your budget?

What’s preventing you from hitting your goals?

What challenges are you looking to solve?

What would you want to achieve this year?

What else would you like to talk about?

What has changed since we last communicated?

What motivated you to take this call with me?

What have I not uncovered that you’d like to know more about?

What else have you tried to do about that?


If time and money were not an issue, what would you change about your current situation?

How should we move forward after today?

Which area of our product do you still have questions about?

Why isn’t your process working for you?

How do you think this arena could change your day to day work?

Who else is involved in making these decisions?

Any concerns so far?

When was the last time you evaluated something like this?

Why or why not were you happy with your last vendors?

How would you describe the level of service with your current vendors?

At this time, what needs to happen to make this call worth your time today?

How’s business?

Can you be more specific?

Can you give me an example?

Did that work?

How did you feel about that?

Have you given up trying to deal with that problem?

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In sales, you are the bridge to your own success.  Listening, reading the the room, and interjecting through friendly conversations helps create rapport with your future client, shows them you respect their decisioning process, and helps you land the deal.

What other qualities of questioning would you say is helpful?  What helped you get the deal?

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