It is easy to get into a rut in sales. You sell the same product often and no one responds. I am with you.

Here are some key pieces of sales motivation to kick start success and get you out of a losing streak.

1. Passion for your product is obligatory. If you do not have passion for your product, neither will your buyer. Not being confident in the product will make you fail quickly, and it is time to understand and research what you are passionate about so you can sell it. If you want it, others will see your excitement and how it will help them, and in turn they will invest.

2. Sell certainty and sell the journey. Selling is a journey that continues if trust and performance work together to create new successes. As you gain the buyers trust, stick with them during the buying process and ask them questions about their issues now so you can come in strong on how to solve them.

3. Complaining has zero value. Take control of your life and find the solution instead of complaining about it. That takes research and creativity to execute something magnificent.

4. Know your values and inspire your buyer to act. Are they happy with the performance their current investments are yielding them? Are they looking to hit a specific goal by the end of the quarter? Match their issues with your product to solve the distress.

5. Always ask for help from your teammates. Research and discovery is key to understanding what approaches have worked and not worked in the past. Being able to identify the buying vertical that is most compatible with your product will save you a ton of time and more quickly inch you towards a new deal.

6. Mimic your mentors and your top sellers. Sometimes a certain message flow and mindset can make or break a deal. Coming in with a positive mindset and fully understanding your product offering is key.

7. Strong conviction and strong confidence will lead to strong results. Find out what case studies you have to see what has worked and help others achieve that similar success with your product.

8. Use your internal gifts and be yourself. No one likes a faker. Be you. The world will adjust.

9. Make the time to be mobile and travel to different areas that you have not explored before. Prospecting is key to weeding out those potential clients that would benefit from your product. Find out who those clients are and push forward.

What other good sales advice have you used to increase your book of business?

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