I have been in the sales industry for over 15 years now, and I am still learning best practices on how to talk to customers to get the sale. It is a competitive world out there and you need to be equipped with all of the best practices you can to get the sale.

There are many different approaches you can take while cold calling or cold emailing, and here are some best practices that I have found to be more efficient to create trust and solidify a mutual relationship to get a contract in hand more quickly than you anticipated before this post.

  1. Introduce yourself with your full name and your company, then ask them how they’ve been.

For example, ‘Hi there, my name is Stacy Hampton with Leverage Ambition. How have you been?’

When you say your first and last name, you bring accountability to the table. They know your full name. They now know your company. After this, it is important to ask how they have been. Keep your camera on too, as when they can see your face it is another way to establish trust and make them realize that you are a human being and not someone they can just toss away.

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2. Next get into the reason you are calling, and keep your camera on.

When you keep your webcam on it is more likely to get you the sale, even if you aren’t the best looking fellow or madam. This is because it truly humanizes you and the visual makes them more comfortable while making them more accountable and close to you when they see you.

After the introduce you want to get into the reason you are calling. Here you can set meeting expectations of A, B, and C, and ask them if that is fair. Once they confirm you can go into your value proposition but not without asking some great questions first that make them talk more about their issues and goals ahead of time.

3. Question, question, and more questions to get your buyer to talk about themselves and their issues now

When you lead the questions, you lead the call. Great questions include, can you tell me about your buying process or can you walk me through your partner process? Others include, can you help me understand how your clients keep coming back or how your brands feel about the service you are offering? Can you help me understand your sales process? After you ask them the question, follow up with their statement and answer by mirroring the 1 to 3 words your customer just said.

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4. Reiterate what the potential customer is saying

Saying things like ‘it sounds like you ____’ or ‘it seems like you ____’ or ‘it looks like you ___’ are all good ways to keep the customer talking and engaged. Say things like ‘let me summarize what you just said’ or ‘did I get that right?’

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5. Talk about their competitors weaknesses and research the company on LinkedIn ahead of time to understand where they are at and what the person on the phone would have to do with sealing the deal at hand.

You want to be sure you contact the right person for your product in order to not waste the persons time. If you can ask them ahead of time if they are the person in charge of making the buying decisions, then you can always get a lead to someone else if that seems like a dead end. Knowing about their competitors weaknesses will give them an idea of their strengths and let them know that they have the ability to compete.

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