I have been on the Paleo diet since March early this year.  I am happy to say that I have lost 33 lbs and counting!

My sister was diagnosed with Celiac disease when she was younger, which gave her a bad reaction gastro wise to carbs. 

I always sort of knew that I had an allergy to complex carbs, dairy and sugar, but never had time to fully experiment with it when commuting toned from work daily while simultaneously eating out.

I always had found it very hard to diet while eating put and always wanted to know if there were any Paleo drive thru drink options around.

I did my research and luckily Starbucks has a wide array of Paleo friendly hot drinks that you can pick up next time you start your new Paleo diet, courtesy of this nifty Paleo site here.

  1. Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Green Tea
  2. Organic Chai Tea
  3. Cafe Americano
  4. Black Coffee
  5. Evolution Fresh
  6. Espresso
  7. Blonde Roast Coffee
  8. Dark Roast Coffee
  9. Clover Brewed Coffee
  10. Pike Place Roast Coffee
  11. Decaf Pike Place Roast Coffee
  12. Comfort Wellness Tea (Ask for no sweetener)
  13. Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea (Ask for no sweetener)
  14. Royal English Breakfast Tea (Ask for no sweetener)

All of these coffee and tea selections can be paired with a splash of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie, apple pie spice and ginger as long as there isn’t any sugar in the mix you are good to go.

Have you tried the Paleo diet before?

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