Perfect Paleo Cookie Dough | Leverage Ambition

Oh how I love cookie dough! Being on the paleo diet has really transformed my body. Although I really love sweets, I have discovered sweets that are naturally sweetened and really delicious that still hit the spot when my craving kick in. Cookie dough always gives me great memories of growing up and baking with … Continue reading Perfect Paleo Cookie Dough | Leverage Ambition

Pecan Pie Muffins (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Pecan pie was a huge staple when I went to boarding school in high school. Miss Davidson was an amazing baker and we would all benefit from her beautiful pies for a lovely dessert. I love being able to transfer the pecan pie concept to a smaller bite sized muffin, and I think you will … Continue reading Pecan Pie Muffins (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Dark Chocolate Pie (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Are you a mega chocolate lover like me? I am the chocolate monster, especially around the holidays! I can't get enough. As much as I love chocolate, I know I need to spoil myself sometimes but it makes it easier for me when the chocolate is paleo friendly! Here is our recipe for Dark Chocolate … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Pie (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Key Lime Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

My best friend grew up in the Florida Keys, on an island called Islamorada. Key West is no short of Key Limes and they use these limes in all aspects of cooking and drinking. From drinking lime based margaritas or using the lime juice on fish, key lime trees are all over the place and … Continue reading Key Lime Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Lemon Blueberry Cookies (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

I love the idea of mixing berries and cookies, so here we are! Paleo is a great diet to kick start your withdrawal from refined sugar and grains. These Lemon Blueberry Cookies are a true hit when it comes to your sweet cravings. They really hit the spot! Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on Here … Continue reading Lemon Blueberry Cookies (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Salted Caramel Blondies (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Blondies are half brownies and they are super soft. The caramel poured on the top makes them smooth and easy to eat. It has the perfect mix of salty and sweet. I dare you to eat just one! Here is our recipe for our salted caramel blondies that are paleo friendly, and we hope you … Continue reading Salted Caramel Blondies (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Apple Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Nothing like warm apple pie for dessert on the weekends! These apple pie bars are super yummy, and a great treat for family and friends alike. Here is the Paleo friendly Apple Pie Bars recipe for you to enjoy today! Photo by Asya Vlasova on INGREDIENTS For the pie filling 3 cups of apples … Continue reading Apple Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Pumpkin Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

These pumpkin bars are the perfect breakfast and dessert! The best part about these bars is that they are grain free, egg free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Make it Thanksgiving any time of the year with these Pumpkin Pie Bars. Photo by Pixabay on INGREDIENTS Crust 1/2 cup of cocnut flour 1 … Continue reading Pumpkin Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

8 Healthy Paleo Easter Desserts | Leverage Ambition

I have been craving sweets lately! Easter is almost here, so I have been excited to try out some new healthy dessert recipes prior to the holiday to make sure they come out tasty! Here are 8 healthy paleo Easter sweet treat recipes to test out before the big day! Fluffy Flourless Peanut Butter Chickpea … Continue reading 8 Healthy Paleo Easter Desserts | Leverage Ambition

10 Fig Recipes + The Oldest California Fig Tree

Fig Newton's by Nabisco were a favorite of mine growing up, how about you? I didn't know what figs looked like in the flesh until today, what a world. Here is a picture of the oldest fig tree around in Ventura, California. Here is a picture of what a fig looks like in case you … Continue reading 10 Fig Recipes + The Oldest California Fig Tree

Sweet Paleo Treats for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Turkey day is upon us and arriving soon! Yippee! I love the Thanksgiving holiday as it is a time to give thanks for all the many blessings our families have had this year. Especially in this time of a health crisis, we are grateful for our health and wealth. The holidays are always a doozy … Continue reading Sweet Paleo Treats for the Thanksgiving Holiday

7 Paleo Sweet Treats, Desserts – Guilt Free Snackypoos

The weather is much colder now, and the seasons have changed from summer to fall. I don't know about you, but as soon as the temperature drops I instantly get in the mood for stew and sweets. Summer is usually a time for fruit sweets, and fall is a time for pies, muffins, and cookies. … Continue reading 7 Paleo Sweet Treats, Desserts – Guilt Free Snackypoos

Day 10 & 11 Whole30 Diets – More meals & deals

The Whole30 blog was right, Day 11 is much easier than Days 9 and 10.  For some reason many folks on the diet have a rough time those two days and I did as well.  I think my body was getting rid of the final bad carbs, sugar and dairy that I have been eating … Continue reading Day 10 & 11 Whole30 Diets – More meals & deals