The Whole30 blog was right, Day 11 is much easier than Days 9 and 10.  For some reason many folks on the diet have a rough time those two days and I did as well.  I think my body was getting rid of the final bad carbs, sugar and dairy that I have been eating my whole life.  I have SO much more energy and am SO thankful this program was founded.  I feel empowered and have more control over my life than I did before.  I look back and even the two mini creamers I had per coffee (had 4 daily) were really contributing to my weight issues.  I didn’t think they would have much of an impact when drinking them, actually I thought I could use them as a meal replacement at times, which was double bad.  ANYWHO feeling on track and almost half way done with R1D30, in code that means round one of the Whole30 diet!  🙂  Yippeeeee!

Now time for my meals today!  First started off the morning with coffee and sugar free coconut milk (of course, can’t cut out my favorite drink)!  I had 3 eggs and took 2 coconut biscuits I made the night before along with sweet potato chips I made as well.  I did also bring a bag of grapes and a lime with me to drink in my water during the day.  GREAT NEWS!  They had apples at work today!  I decided to cut the apple with the plastic cutlery they provide at work and smashed my coconut biscuits up as well, came out with a delicious snack:


OK I get it, the pic doesn’t do it justice, HOWEVER for those that are REALLY missing sweets, this is a great replacement for the usual junk food we pollute our body with!

Next up, dinner!  Tonight I had a Turkey HotDog Succotash!  SO GOOD!  Make sure the hotdogs you buy are compliant, i.e. uncured, no sugar, etc.  I started by dicing zucchini and carrots and put them in the frying pan with oil:

zucchini and carrots


Next up, defrosted the hot dogs in the microwave and then threw them on the same frying pan.  While they were cooking I took each one out and sliced it up into smaller pieces to get it into bite sized form.  WALLAH!  My masterpiece below, and it was so filling:


Next up had to meal prep for tomorrow!  I throw in the leftover zucchini and carrots from the succotash I had for dinner in the frying pan with my leftover chicken from the night before, added water and now and waiting for my homemade soup to boil.  I will let it cool for a bit, then add more water if need be, keeping it in the same pan and boiling again until the chicken falls off the bone.  Luckily I have some time!  I have my grapes tomorrow and will bring this soup as well.

Thanks for reading guys and I will be in touch tomorrow with more meal ideas and support for your successful Whole30!  Have a good day!