Healthy Oatmeal Apple Pie Power Cookies | Leverage Ambition

This is a super easy recipe for chewy and delicious oatmeal apple pie cookies! This delectable fruit and spiced cookies have no refined flour or sugar, making it a healthy option for a quick snack or breakfast. INGREDIENTS 1 cup of quick cooking oats 1 cup of whole wheat flour 1 teaspoon of baking podwer … Continue reading Healthy Oatmeal Apple Pie Power Cookies | Leverage Ambition

Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Lover Muffins (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

These cinnamon raisin muffins remind me of the sweet cinnamon raisin cereal I absolutely loved as a kid. Here is our recipe for our cinnamon raisin lover muffins that will make you fall in love! Photo by Maria Orlova on INGREDIENTS 1 cup of raisins 1 chopped apple 3 eggs 1/3 cup of coconut … Continue reading Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Lover Muffins (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Sticky Weekend Waffles (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

I absolutely LOVE waffles! We have a new waffle machine and it really kicks up our weekend when we make and serve delicious sticky weekend waffles that are amazingly healthy and paleo friendly! Photo by karthik reddy on INGREDIENTS 2 cups of cassava flour (almond or coconut flour as a substitute will also do) … Continue reading Sticky Weekend Waffles (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Apple Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Nothing like warm apple pie for dessert on the weekends! These apple pie bars are super yummy, and a great treat for family and friends alike. Here is the Paleo friendly Apple Pie Bars recipe for you to enjoy today! Photo by Asya Vlasova on INGREDIENTS For the pie filling 3 cups of apples … Continue reading Apple Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

Pumpkin Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

These pumpkin bars are the perfect breakfast and dessert! The best part about these bars is that they are grain free, egg free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Make it Thanksgiving any time of the year with these Pumpkin Pie Bars. Photo by Pixabay on INGREDIENTS Crust 1/2 cup of cocnut flour 1 … Continue reading Pumpkin Pie Bars (Paleo) | Leverage Ambition

11 Saint Patrick’s Day Recipes (Paleo, Whole30) | Leverage Ambition

Shamrock Fried Eggs Start your lucky day on the right foot and fry your eggs right inside a green pepper ring. It’s easy, it’s seasonal, and it’s adorable! Recipe: Zestous | Shamrock Fried Eggs Healthy Shamrock Shake What’s St. Patrick’s Day without the shake? Replace those sugary, calorie-laden shakes with this easy drink made with only … Continue reading 11 Saint Patrick’s Day Recipes (Paleo, Whole30) | Leverage Ambition

Quick Getting Started Paleo Cheat Sheet – Leverage Ambition

I don't know about you, but I have always had trouble wondering what to eat to feel good and keep a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). When I was younger I had no problem keeping thin. I was an athlete, doing gymnastics over 35 hours a week, actively cheerleading, and having a great time. Once … Continue reading Quick Getting Started Paleo Cheat Sheet – Leverage Ambition

7 Sip Worthy Sunrise Cocktails

Let's get this party started right! Let's get this party started...EARLY! I am not one to do the hair of the dog, aka drinking the morning after a night out of many drinks. However, I will treat myself to a quarterly morning breakfast cocktail with a kick! Here are seven sunrise cocktails to try next … Continue reading 7 Sip Worthy Sunrise Cocktails

Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast – Kerala Egg Curry

This is one recipe for the history books, y'all. My lovely mother gave me the most delectable breakfast recipe on the planet, and if you are a spice fan (and are hungry now) this one is for you. All you need is a pan of water, and insert cherry tomatoes, carrots, uncured, sugar free bacon, … Continue reading Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast – Kerala Egg Curry

Do Not Eat or Drink Things That Do Not Promote Your Highest Good

You are what you eat and drink. Choose wisely. Try Whole30 or Paleo Diets and detox from sugar and carbs if you are brave enough.

Perfect Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Get your morning started right with these perfect breakfast ideas that leave you satisfied and ready to get your day started! 1. Eggs + Uncured, Sugar Free Bacon Not in that order though as you have to cook the bacon on low heat for about 20 minutes, flipping it midway. After the bacon was drained … Continue reading Perfect Whole30 + Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Day 10 & 11 Whole30 Diets – More meals & deals

The Whole30 blog was right, Day 11 is much easier than Days 9 and 10.  For some reason many folks on the diet have a rough time those two days and I did as well.  I think my body was getting rid of the final bad carbs, sugar and dairy that I have been eating … Continue reading Day 10 & 11 Whole30 Diets – More meals & deals