7 Sip Worthy Sunrise Cocktails


Let’s get this party started right! Let’s get this party started…EARLY!

I am not one to do the hair of the dog, aka drinking the morning after a night out of many drinks.

However, I will treat myself to a quarterly morning breakfast cocktail with a kick!

Here are seven sunrise cocktails to try next time you are in the mood to start the party early.

Morning Mule

Mix deep eddy peach vodka, ginger beer, orange juice, and some lime. Garnish with a sliced lime and orange with an umbrella on top. The more colorful the umbrella, the better luck you’ll have getting home.


For that tough guy not willing to express his feminine side during breakfast, a manmoda is the right drink for him.

Mix absolute mandarin vodka, wycliffe sparkling brut, and a splash of orange juice. Garnish with some mint leaves and chew on that, manly man!

Texas Scorching Mary

Tito will thank you for this one, but you’ll need to pray to Mother Mary after sinning.

Mix Tito’s vodka, bloody mary mix, pickle, Tabasco, lemon, lime, and jalapenos for those that like it spicy.

Shove in some celery stalks for a refreshing bite of live that your customers will thank you for later!

Arrowhead Coffee

Caffeine with that kick you used to get back in high school, mix frangelico, kahlua, creme de cocoa, coffee and whipped cream.

Top with chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and a cherry on top for that morning alcoholic kick.

Strawberry Mimosa

Mix champagne, mashed strawberries, mashed mint, and orange juice.

Treat yourself, but don’t drink and drive!

Also ice cubes with flowers really make the morning special!

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2 thoughts on “7 Sip Worthy Sunrise Cocktails

  1. terrepruitt – Terre Pruitt is a Licensed Nia Teacher and a yoga teacher. Terre has been teaching the dance workout that is Nia since 2009 and teaching yoga since 2013. Her blog is about Nia, food, exercise, cats, death, wellness, and more.
    terrepruitt says:

    Ooo! The Morning Mule sounds yummy . . . although, not for me, in the morning . . . but we have a weekly Zoom party and the drink is usually a Moscow mule. I’ll be sharing the recipe/site! Thanks.