Fried Bratwurst, Eggs with Potato Brussel Sprout Hash Whole30 Lunch

Sounds delicious, right? You bet your damn britches it is! Just made this bad boy for lunch and what a joy. It was actually enough for my next meal too, to those who are doing the Whole30 diet.

For those that are looking to get on the Whole30 diet, I would definitely recommend going to where you can see the rules and regulations to make it a success. Meal planning and food prep is a big part of the plan so make sure you have done a good week or so worth of food shopping to make it happen.

Here are some shots of my ingredients for lunch below:





To start, defrost the Bratwurst Chicken Sausages under the faucet if frozen and you are hungry.  If you have some time and are ready to wait around for an hour or so to defrost be my guest.  In a pan on the oven, if you have bacon fat lying around light that up and throw in the eggs and defrosted Bratwurst links.  I then added chopped potatoes and the brussel sprouts whole.  Post cooking you can chop everything up into a hash mix or just eat as is.  Plated version below along with the pan version so you can follow along.

Not sure about you, but I love how the eggs crisp at the bottom!  It is so yummy!  I then sprinkled everything with a little bit of Himalayan salt and the end to give it a little more of a flavor kick.  Great part about this meal is that I made enough to last me through tonight!


Happy eating!

Whole30 Meal Ideas

Hey all!  So excited to share some additional recipes with you that are Whole30 friendly today!

As a reminder, on the Whole30 diet, you CANNOT eat the following:

  • Dairy.  This means cheese, cow milk, cream, yogurt, half and half, butter.  Substitute these cravings with sugar free almond and coconut milk!
  • Grains.  No corn, wheat, rye, millet, buckwheat, rice, quinoa.  Substitute these cravings with potatoes, even yams, almond flour, coconut flour and more.
  • Alcohol.  No pops for you, you lush!
  • Legumes.  Lima beans, etc.  Replace with vegetables.
  • Added Sugar.  No sugar whatsoever, not even juice (only to cook with in moderation).
  • No junk food and anything with sulfites.

Some things I cooked over the last week or so include:

  • Eggs sunny side up, with Kale and Uncured Bacon


  • Italian Chicken – garlic, olives, onions, kale, chicken, tomato sauce (no sugar added), tomato past, basil, oregano, garlic, black pepper, Himalayan saltplated italian chicitalianchic
  • Chicken Leg Roast – organic chicken legs, organic brussel sprouts, potatoes, carrots, whole garlic, olive oil, himalayan salt, combine all at 425 degrees F for an hour.


Extra tips to be successful on this diet:

  1. Try to get a friend, boyfriend, husband, family member to do it with you!  If someone you are living commits with you it makes it twice as fun and twice a party once you complete your first round!
  2. Remove any food non-compliant, or any temptations.  Unfortunately my kids birthdays were close together and then Thanksgiving happened during my first round, but no worries, I didn’t cheat.  I just made sure all candy and sweets were not in my view, some I completely removed, to make sure I could not just grab it and eat it.  I hid these main sugar sweets in my cabinets so that when the kids wanted them I would give them close the cabinets, out of sight out of mind.
  3. Drink tea and coffee as your dessert.  This sounds odd, but really helped me succeed in a big way!  I used the sugar free coconut almond milk and it was really delicious and heavy almost like a hot chocolate.
  4. Be prepared always with food!  There are both Larabars and Rxbars that are compliant with the Whole30.  I would buy these and keep in your purse, car or pocket, just in case you get hungry.  Fruit and veggies are also nice to have along with a water bottle filled with ice, lime, lemon, orange, cranberries, etc. as a treat for yourself.
  5. I weighed myself.  This is supposed to be a no no, however I wanted to see immediate results which I did.  I lost about 10 pounds in the first few weeks, and if you are addicted to carbs, sugar and dairy, which I was, you will probably be as successful as I was.

In closing, I have never found a diet more successful than this one.  There is really no measuring, tracking points, etc. which gets old and boring fast.  No frozen tasteless meals and your taste buds begin to enjoy fruits, meat, veggies again.  After your first round, you can try another round, but some people opt to do the Paleo diet which I have not tried and plan on continuing through the New Year.

HAPPY EATING, and enjoy your Sunday!

Day 30 on the Whole30 Diet

Guys, I lost a total of 13 pounds this month!  So happy, and feeling so much more energetic and lighter.  So happy I committed.

Because the diet was so successful, I am going to continue as long as I can until I get below my healthy weight.  I lost 13 pounds from 180, which is 167, however for a 5 foot 6 inch women, the healthy recommended weight is anywhere from 130-155 pounds.  Therefore I am going to try to get on the higher side of this range by the end of next month.  I will keep blogging to show you my meals and progress, just because I know it is tough especially in the first few weeks where your body is getting used to the organic food and detoxing from sugar.

In celebration of today I took off work, by accident actually as my husband had an appointment, but this gave me time to make a Whole30 specialty, Fried and Baked Italian Style Chicken Cutlets!  I remember running up to my friends house growing up to help her and her mom make these for me and the rest of her family, and the smell in my kitchen post cutlets is pretty fabulous, takes me back to the good old days!

baked cutlet.jpeg

I went to the grocery store first and got the following, which is exactly what you will need to get started on cooking:

  • A dozen eggs
  • Almond Flour
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dried Basil
  • Dried Oregano
  • Dried Garlic
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Dried Italian Seasoning
  • Organic Chicken Breasts

First, I chopped up the chicken into bit sized pieces and set aside.

Second, I mixed 2 cups of the almond flour with the dry spices and salt in one bowl, 2 eggs in second bowl.


Third, coated a frying pan and a baked pan with olive oil and preheated the oven and put the frying pan on low.

Fourth, I dipped the chicken in the flour mixture, into the eggs, back into the flour mixture and into the frying pan.  I also did another batch in the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.  In the frying pan I gave it 3 minutes on each side.

THIS WAS DELICIOUS!  I am using the leftovers for a kale salad tonight for dinner, along with some chopped apple and pistachio nuts.  All organic!

I also had the pistachio nuts as a snack with the chicken cutlets today and it was excellent.


If you are looking for some additional recipes, try the homepage of my site and scroll through!  There are a ton of pictures and creative ideas to help you be successful on this diet.  I am so grateful to the Hartwig family that came up with this diet as it has really changed my life.

Being the mother of two toddlers and working full-time, it is a struggle to do something for myself and with this diet it makes me feel happy and powerful, giving me the power to take control of my diet, well being in life.  Before we were getting delivery for our meals, and I had no idea what they were adding to it to make it delicious, probably tons of dairy, sugar and carbs that my body just absorbed and never released.  Any way super grateful and have so much to be thankful for!

Have a great rest of your day!

Day 11 & 12 Whole30 Diet – Meals & almost half way there!

pizzapotReally proud of myself for sticking with this program.  For some reason when trying other diets and counting calories for everything I ate, I never seemed to stick to the plan.  I tried and never could remember to enter all meals.  On the Whole30 I am accountable for the food I eat as I make it from scratch myself.  I normally hate cooking as I am a working mother and cooking at the end of the long work day in Sales is not my idea of fun!  My 3 boys (counts my husband) are super picky eaters so I typically let my husband fend for himself and then try to get the younger kids to eat as much as possible before bed time.  I then cook the separate Whole30 meal on my own, and it nice to do something healthy for myself.  Before I wasn’t respecting my body as much as I am now.

After children and being in my 30’s, I always thought that I would just naturally be as thin as I was in my 20’s, however it is far from the case!  My metabolism slowed down tremendously, especially post 35, and this year being 36 I knew I needed to do a complete lifestyle change with food.  I few older ladies I know that were super skinny were on the Paleo Diet which is a little similar to the Whole30.  Basically limits your sugar and carb intake too.  I thought to myself ‘how could I ever not eat carbs’ but here I am no carb for almost two full weeks now.  My husband definitely sees the difference which I like.  For now I plan on sticking with it until the end of the 30 days, and hopefully after that I will never go back to carbs again.  A thinner woman I know only does smoothies during the day that she makes herself, no carbs, no sugar.  It is a sacrifice, but I think worth feeling more energetic and healthy as a whole as we all grow older.

Onto my meals today, I was on my phone emailing for work this morning and by the time I looked up it was 9am!  I got in the shower and walked to work per usual, but didn’t have a chance to cook the eggs I normally cook.  Instead I had some grapes in the refridgerator, along with the chicken soup and coconut biscuits and walked quickly to work.  I was more hungry throughout the day without those eggs, so I need to make sure that I do eat before I leave now onwards.  I ended up going grocery shopping after and saw a great dinner recipe that I modified to make it my own.  They are called Pizza Potatoes and they were delicious!

First I cut a white russet potato in 4 pieces and put them in the microwave for 5 minutes.  They were hot after and I carved out little holes to place the pizza ingredients in.  After I put a little olive oil in a 12×9 pan and put the four pieces of partially hallowed out potato on it.

Second I cut a tomato and mushrooms up, placing them on the frying pan with a little olive oil and Himalayan salt since regular iodized salt is off limits.  Threw a little dash of pepper in it and set it to the side.  I bought some organic sugar free tomato sauce, opened it up and put some on the potatoes.  Then I topped it with the tomato mushroom mix and pepperoni, and threw it in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.   After I topped it with chives and it was perfect.  It was so delicious and I am so happy I tried it!  Final product below:


This would be a stellar meal to entertain with friends and could really make them smile!  HAPPY EATING!

Day 10 & 11 Whole30 Diets – More meals & deals

The Whole30 blog was right, Day 11 is much easier than Days 9 and 10.  For some reason many folks on the diet have a rough time those two days and I did as well.  I think my body was getting rid of the final bad carbs, sugar and dairy that I have been eating my whole life.  I have SO much more energy and am SO thankful this program was founded.  I feel empowered and have more control over my life than I did before.  I look back and even the two mini creamers I had per coffee (had 4 daily) were really contributing to my weight issues.  I didn’t think they would have much of an impact when drinking them, actually I thought I could use them as a meal replacement at times, which was double bad.  ANYWHO feeling on track and almost half way done with R1D30, in code that means round one of the Whole30 diet!  🙂  Yippeeeee!

Now time for my meals today!  First started off the morning with coffee and sugar free coconut milk (of course, can’t cut out my favorite drink)!  I had 3 eggs and took 2 coconut biscuits I made the night before along with sweet potato chips I made as well.  I did also bring a bag of grapes and a lime with me to drink in my water during the day.  GREAT NEWS!  They had apples at work today!  I decided to cut the apple with the plastic cutlery they provide at work and smashed my coconut biscuits up as well, came out with a delicious snack:


OK I get it, the pic doesn’t do it justice, HOWEVER for those that are REALLY missing sweets, this is a great replacement for the usual junk food we pollute our body with!

Next up, dinner!  Tonight I had a Turkey HotDog Succotash!  SO GOOD!  Make sure the hotdogs you buy are compliant, i.e. uncured, no sugar, etc.  I started by dicing zucchini and carrots and put them in the frying pan with oil:

zucchini and carrots


Next up, defrosted the hot dogs in the microwave and then threw them on the same frying pan.  While they were cooking I took each one out and sliced it up into smaller pieces to get it into bite sized form.  WALLAH!  My masterpiece below, and it was so filling:


Next up had to meal prep for tomorrow!  I throw in the leftover zucchini and carrots from the succotash I had for dinner in the frying pan with my leftover chicken from the night before, added water and now and waiting for my homemade soup to boil.  I will let it cool for a bit, then add more water if need be, keeping it in the same pan and boiling again until the chicken falls off the bone.  Luckily I have some time!  I have my grapes tomorrow and will bring this soup as well.

Thanks for reading guys and I will be in touch tomorrow with more meal ideas and support for your successful Whole30!  Have a good day!

Day 9 & 10 on the Whole30 Diet – More Meals and Drinks

Feeling so much better tonight!  I was withdrawing from sugar pretty bad over the last few days, so my mood swings were intense however I stayed with the course and meal prepped the night before to keep me on track! YOU CAN DO IT!

youcan do it

Breakfast this AM was 3 scrambled eggs, ghee on the pan, with a sliced avocado on the side.  It was really filling for me, and I was only hungry 5 hours later.  Nice meal to fill you up before work. Only got an almost all done shot below, my bad, I was hungry!


For lunch I brought leftover chicken roast with onions, carrots, tomatoes.  It was delicious.  I kept raw almonds at my desk again to keep me going, and also drank a few cups of green tea as well.

Dinner tonight was amazing!  I am really into the sweet potato fries in the circular form, so made though along with these amazing turkey meatballs in a broth base.  So good!  Basically I defrosted the turkey meat in the microwave, and while that was going I started my base with olive oil, chopped onions.  I sweated them out for a bit then added chopped carrots and tomatoes.  Once they looked cooked down, I turned it off and put a little on a plate to cool on the side before making my meatballs.  I added 2 eggs in a bowl and stirred up until they were even.  I took a handful of turkey meat, balled it up and added the carrot, onion, tomato mix, dipped it and formed it into a bowl in the egg mixture, organizing them all on a plate afterwards.

turkey meatballs yes


I then proceeded to put olive oil on the pan and fried each turkey meatball for 45 seconds or so on each side.  I then placed them on a pan to cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.  Pulled them out and actually made the leftover onions into a broth stew as I added water and boiled it while they were in the oven.  Once out of the oven I threw in the broth and the rest is history!  I have dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow so super happy about it.


For dessert I am just going to have lime with water and ice as I spent a lot of time cooking the rest so pretty beat but want some sweet now.  What a great today!  So proud of myself for sticking with it.  Also wanted to mention, I am way more energetic and feel out of the fog I was feeling before.  I hope you stand the course here to really get a feel for how good it is to be without the sugar beast!


Did you try any of my meals?  How are you doing on your diet?

Chat soon and thanks for following me!