2018 New Year’s Eve Party – Whole30 Appetizers & Drinks

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  Congrats on the end of 2017 and a celebration to the new projects and challenges to come!  I have recently written a blog about my 2018 goals, if you haven’t checked it out yet I would catch it here: 2018 New Year’s Goals

We are staying in on the home front tonight to ring in the New Year with the kids, and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.  I feel really blessed and have had a great, productive year, so my thanks to myself for all my hard work is to kick it at home, relax and chill with my family, surrounding myself with some extra yummy Whole30 treats!

We kept our Christmas lights up but removed the Merry Christmas wreath on the front door to stay festive all day. We may head out for a park trip with the kids but want to keep them on all day to let people know we are cool NYE folks. Even though we are old and not that cool. 😉


I wanted to share a few PARTY TIME non-alcoholic drink ideas as we ring in the New Year tonight! For all these drinks you will need to take a trip to the grocery store and buy the following:


  • 2 packs of Organic Blueberries
  • 12 pack of La Croix Cran Rasberry
  • 2 bottles of Seltzer
  • 2 organic Organic Limes
  • 2 organic Organic Lemons
  • 1 pack of Organic Strawbeeries
  • 1 pack of Organic Raspberries

You can mix and match the seltzer and sparkling water with different combos of fruits, slam that in your fanciest party glass and get to drinking.

As for PARTY TIME Apps, I would suggest a few recipes below:

We plan on grabbing New Year’s Eve hats and horns, maybe even some confetti if I am feeling really ambitious and I know I will be the one picking it up!

I heard Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are co-hosting the Annual New Year’s Eve tonight on CNN, People.com wrote an article about it and it looks like it could be funny.  I really loved the Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper New Year’s Eve that was hosted last year, she is hilarious.  Hoping that this year will be just as funny if not funnier!

I was thinking about dressing us all up in New Year’s Eve gear, but I think by the end of the day I will be too tired to be motivated to get all dressed up.  We will see!

Wishing you and yours a very HEALTHY, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What are your plans tonight?  Doing anything fun?





Whole30 Dinner – Chicken Sausage & Mashed Potatoes

It has been a long day y’all!  We had a lot of kids activities, including tutoring them with flash cards from Bob’s Books which are great for kids as they start to learn how to read.  We are also digging Netflix recently as they have two really great shows for kids speech and learning: Story Bots & Word Party!

At 4:45pm my husband asks, “What’s for dinner?”. I checked the refridgerator and turns out we had 5 russet potatoes there along with chicken sausage in the freezer.  I decided to make both mashed potatoes & soft potatoes with paprika, garlic powder and salt.  If you like hot spice, I would try red chili flakes or tabasco sauce.  Tessamae also has different Whole30 ranch dressing, along with hot sauce and others that are great for dipping.

As for the compliant Whole30 chicken sausage, I used AppleGate picture below for your reference when you are grocery shopping:

I had to defrost the sausage for 10 minutes or so in the microwave as they were like sausage ice cubes when I pulled them out.  Once they were defrost I put them on a frying pan on medium heat for about 4 minutes per side.  I like my sausage a little crispy brown on the outside.  After they were somewhat cooked I turned off the heat and cut the sausage into little pieces.  I then turned on the heat again in the frying pan and fried each little piece on both sides so they were extra crispy.

For the potatoes, I peeled the 5 small russet potatoes, sliced them into half inches and put them in water on the stove.  It came to a boil, and I kept them on the stove boiling on high for about 20 minutes.

Once the potatoes were soft to the touch via fork, I drained most of the water and put them into a bowl, mashing them up quickly with pepper, salt and garlic powder.

I felt like being fancy, so I didn’t mash all the potatoes and kept some of the sliced potatoes as a side with olive oil, salt and paprika.  Paprika has a little kick and looks pretty when plating so I tested it out.

Here is the sample of the mashed potatoes side, plated with the sliced chicken sausage.

Hope you enjoy this meal as it was pretty solid and didn’t feel like a diet meal whatsoever.  It was definitely a comfort food meal, and with the temperature dropping here at night, it really made me feel warm and comfy!

Let me know how yours comes out and if you had any tweaks to this, feel free to comment below.

Buen provecho!

Whole30 Baked Garlic Kale Chips, Blueberry Lemon Water & Cherry Tomatoes

Everyone wants to know what I am eating on the Whole30 diet, as many find it hard to be creative, full, and happy with the limited ingredients this diet has.

Great part is when you are withdrawing from dairy and sugar, you look much leaner in your face and eventually see weight loss on your entire body!  The first 7 days I had lost 7 pounds on the first round, all together I lost around 13 pounds.  I went off the diet around 35 days and since it was the holidays definitely had some cheat days with an english muffin one morning and a slice of toast and butter for another, but now I am back. I am very happy with the way I feel today and excited to share some good meals I already indulged in today to start round 2 of this diet.

First for breakfast I had 3 eggs with an apple on the side, not on purpose as my son starting eating an apple and didn’t want it anymore so I ate it.  I also had coffee with almond/coconut milk that is sugar free.  This is the brand I really like below is called Califia Farms Toasted Coconut:

I use this in my coffee all day long, and sometimes if I want somethong sweet at the end of the day I will put it in tea as well with coconut oil and it really does the trick.

I decided to make Baked Garlic Kale Chips today, because WholeFoods had Kale on sale for super cheap:

Again this is totally organic like the Whole30 diet recommends, and when eating the whole bunch here it really fills you up!

I also made a thermos of lemon water and blueberries, once I was done I ate all the blueberries and it was delicious!

Also munched on some Angel Sweet Sunset brand cherry tomatoes which are excellent:

Now for the Baked Garlic Kale Chip recipe:


  • A bundle of Organic Red Kale
  • 1/6 cup of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of Organic Garlic Powder
  • 1 teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt


STEP 1 – Preheat the oven to 300 degrees fahrenheit.

STEP 2 – Wash the kale before using and dry.

STEP 3 – Fill an oven friendly 9 x 12 inch pan with the olive oil, salt and garlic powder.

STEP 4 – Dip the dried kale in the pan, add more olive oil if not coated and place in the oven for 10 minutes.

Did you try this recipe?  Let me know if you liked it or had any trips to improve what I gave to you here.  I have heard some folks using paprika or red chili powder on them to give some spice, even some crushed red pepper could give it some kick!

As a reminder most all spices are compliant on the Whole30 diet but you must make sure they are organic.  Although more expensive then regular spices you have to keep in mind it is to get your body detoxed of all the toxins that have polluted your body to this point.  This is why drinking a lot of water and spicing it up with lemon and blueberries, etc. is good too to detox.  Some others combined other fruits in their water, like oranges and limes, or raspberries and lemons, or even pommegranite and lemon.

Have a great Whole30 day! 😃

A Day at Santa Monica’s Clover Park

Another day off on vacation means finding another activity with the kids!

We decided to roam around the Santa Monica area today and found ourselves close to the Santa Monica Airport!  Since my boys love airplanes I was going to sit near the tarmac to see them take off and land, but ran across a HUGE park called Clover Park.


Park Name: Clover Park at the Santa Monica Airport

Address: 2600 Ocean Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Website: www.santamonica.com/what-to-do/clover-park/

There are many great things about this park!  First off, the parent vibe was super cool.  At times you find parks where the parents are perpetually pissed and this was nice as it seemed most of the people were pretty happy.

It had a watch tower, and of course it had a wrap around staircase all the way up to the top!  The top was enclosed for kids safety and the kids loved it.  They went up and down and up and down, also other bigger kids were going up and down it too so they had that interaction as well.  My kids were calling it a castle which was hilarious and everyone loved it.  Everyone also loves twins and so it is nice too to get a warm reception from others.

airport tower

The boys were running back and forth from the tower to the playground nearby which was also awesome.  Again minimal helicopter parents at this park which was nice.


All photos were courtesy of Yelp.com as we left our phones in the car during the visit. Funny and also scary, we left the car running by accident (key less car entry port) so by the time we got back the car was still running and no one stole anything which was nice.

Other great qualities of the park include:

  • A tire swing under sand
  • A few sets of 2 safe swings
  • A drawbridge which is safe for kids to cross and helps motor skills
  • A seesaw under sand too, which is great as one boy fell off and he was just fine
  • Easy accessible and clean restrooms
  • No homeless people around
  • Water fountains
  • Basketball court
  • Expansive lawn to play soccer and football
  • Airplanes in sight taking off and landing which the kids loved

Overall a good trip, no major accidents and everyone had a good time.  I would say to make sure to bring hat, water, sunglasses as parts can be super sunny, but otherwise good times.

We also started potty training them and had them pee before they went, with no drinking in the car.  They did just fine without diapers which was great.  We did start the potty training and have had some accidents, however I think we should be able to get them fully trained by the end of the month!  Fingers crossed.




A Day at Malibu Beach with the Kids

Today we took a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as the PCH or the California 1 Highway.  It is known to be one of the bucket list things to do, and the views of the Pacific Ocean, mountains, cliffs and beaches are really spectacular!  

It is really nice being in California during the winter time as it really stays above 40 degrees fahrenheit, even through the peak of winter.  The most you really need is a reliable North Face zipper up jacket, not even the puffy kind just the regular jacket!  This is great especially since the boys are young enough still where I am dressing them and don’t need to get them in snow pants, boots and jackets before they go and run outside.  On the northeastern part of the United States, it can get super cold so entertainong kids indoors can be tough.  

Anywho, below are a few videos from today, just building sandcastles, chasing waves and having some good family time together while I have off work.

If you are planning to take a beach trip with toddlers, I would recommend you bring the following:

  • Sunscreen over SPF 50 and kid friendly
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • Snacks, like chips or grapes in tupperware
  • Sandcastle tools
  • Sand bucket
  • Beach bag
  • Towel
  • Extra shorts and shirt just in case your child gets wet

As you can see even on the beach my toddler boys are a bit rambunctious however they are also very sweet boys and really love and admire mom and dad, for now anyway! 😃

It is always nice to see the ocean waves rolling in, you really get a refreshing and relaxing vibe when on the beach.

A few more glory beach moments for you as we ran to and from the waves.  We didn’t see any dolphins, whales or sharks this time around, but I will try to catch some footage next time we are out and about.

Have you driven the PCH yet?  Any plans on doing so at some point as a bucket list event?

2018 New Year Goals


4 more days until New Year’s Day! 2017 will be over and done with, commencing a new beginning in 2018!  I am off from my day job until January 2nd, so this is a great time for me to reflect on my 2017 progress and failures and come into 2018 with new goals and strategies to achieve what I want to accomplish this year!

Being a mom, wife, co-worker, business partner and woman, I have many different roles to fill, and want to make sure I make goals for each hat I wear so that I can achieve greatness in each.  It is hard to balance everything, so having clear goals really helps.  Some use vision boards which can be even more effective in hitting your goals.  Being in my mid-thirties I feel as if I need to set lofty goals to get where I need to be before I turn 40.

Here goes nothing, 2018 goals and deadlines:


As a mother, I would like to achieve the following with my boys:

  1. Have them fully potty trained by end of March.
  2. Have them reading Mickey Mouse books on their own by end of March.
  3. Get tutoring for them before TK, or pre-Kindergarten, to make sure they are on the same playing field as the other children.  This will be before March too.
  4. Have them clearly speaking sentences and responding politely with please and thank you always.
  5. Have them sleeping through the night without coming into mom and dad’s room.  Better to be independent here.


As a wife, I would like to achieve the following:

  1. Cook dinner at least 4 times a week and learn something new that my husband likes.
  2. Be sexy at least 3 times a week.
  3. Support my husband and his acting career as much as possible.
  4. Support him in joining new acting groups to help expand his network.


As a co-worker, I would like to achieve the following:

  1. Encourage my fellow co-workers to be their best daily.
  2. Be friendly and helpful.
  3. Be enthusiastic and positive.

business partner

As a business partner, I would like to achieve the following:

  1. Blog as often as possible, minimum 3 times weekly to further build my blog.
  2. Partner with other websites to support their content.
  3. Get 1,000 articles in by end of year.
  4. Learn something new technically to enhance my site and others.
  5. Dress professionally every day, nothing wrinkled.


As a woman, I would like to achieve the following:

  1. Do my hair nice as to not look like a wet headed troll when I enter the outside world.
  2. Do my makeup, again to not look like a tired troll.
  3. Keep up with the Whole30 diet.
  4. Get to a healthy weight, 155 pounds preferably by end of March.
  5. Walk 2 miles a day or swim in the pool.

What are some of your goals and achievements that you would like to accomplish this year?  Having clear set goals should really help improve your chances of hitting your goals this year!  I would say make sure your daily routine includes little steps to hitting the goal.  As for 2018, remember to take care of yourself, keep your head up, brush off the haters and kick ass!



Whole30 Snack – Deviled Eggs & Homemade Mayo



Happy Holidays to everyone!


I am excited to share the following:

1) I took off a week from my day job to potty train my twin boys and chill with my husband;

2) We booked a few days in the Westin Hotel in Long Beach and it was awesome. The room service and food were super and it was nice to not have to clean my home for 3 days.

3) I scrubbed marker and crayon off my wall with a Magic Eraser today.  Go me! This project is TO BE CONTINUED as I could not finish it all.

4) I made this amazing deviled eggs recipe that is Whole30 friendly as today marks round 2 of my Whole30 diet! As they say, R2D1, as I drank half and half on the trip and had an english muffin on the last day of our stay.

5) My husband is vacuuming now and it is almost like eating chocolate cake.

Here is the lovely pictures of the Whole30 deviled eggs!



  • 6 organic eggs
  • 1/4 cup mayonaisse (Whole30 homemade mayo version below)
  • 1/6 cup mustard
  • Salt and pepper to taste


STEP 1:  Boil 6 organic eggs for 9 minutes and let cool.

STEP 2: Peel eggs in cold water and place on a plate.

STEP 3: Cut eggs in half.

STEP 4: Scoop out the yolk in a little boil, add 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and mustard with Himalayan salt and black pepper to taste.

STEP 5:  Fill the empty eggs with the filling and sprinkle with paprika.


I suggest making and storing your own Whole30 friendly mayonnaise as it is super easy to make and much less expensive then buying at the store!

For Whole30 mayonnaise you need to combine the following,


  • 1 room temperature egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon of mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon of himalayan salt
  • 1/2 juiced lemon
  • 1 and 1/4 cup of olive oil


STEP 1: Mix the egg, mustard, mayo, salt, lemon in a bowl or food processor.

STEP 2:  For thick mayo, slowly add the olive oil bit by bit and process.

STEP 3:  Use it!  Feel free to store in a reused glass jar for later purposes.

I have to admit I ate all the deviled eggs just now, and am super full!  For desert I may munch on an apple and make some Lipton tea with coconut/almond milk which is all sugar free but tastes like a desert.  I wanted to say also that I saw someone at work (a skinny girl) feed herself with a spoonful of coconut oil.  I thought it as a very interesting way to potentially keep myself full before my next meal so wanted to share it with you just in case you were in the mood to try it.  I have coconut oil here that I have been adding to my morning coffee and it is excellent, but never thought to just scoop of a serving and eat it.  Will test it later and let you know how that goes in a later blog.

Now off to watch Despicable Me 2 for the 30th time, have a lovely evening and stick with the Whole30!  It’s so worth it!





Whole30 Snacks – 10 Compliant Larabars

Today I was on a quest. A quest to find the best and easiest meal replacer as I forgot to pack my lunch before work today. It stinks when I forget, and typically it is leftovers from the night before. Problem is, my husband now wants in the Whole30 club! He has not been following it to a tee yet but getting close. We made an oven roaster with chicken breasts and sliced potatoes with cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt on top. Best trick my mom taught me was a ¼ inch of water and olive oil at the bottom, roast for an hour at 400 degree Fahrenheight and the last 10 minutes put it up to 425 degrees so the chicken skin is crispy! It is so good I am at work and my husband is asking me to buy chicken and potatoes again tonight!


Any way the point of this article is to review ALL the Larabars that are Whole30 compliant, so that you can go on and have a nice, wholesome snack when your husband ransacks your meal plan.


10 Whole30 Compliant Larabars to get through your work day!


1. Cashew Cookie Larabar

If you are a cashew nut lover and craving a cookie, this will fill you up nicely! Buy 2 if you are extra hungry!

2. Carrot Cake Larabar
You are a bunny, I am a bunny, we all love carrots when they are sweetened up nicely and compact ready to eat! Give this bar a shot if you are craving for a dessert and on the go!

3. Apple Pie Larabar
Dang, da dang dang, this bar is scrumdidillyumptious! This reminds me of my Aunt’s famous Apple Pie she would always make with us for the holidays! It was so awesome. She did this with us before we had kids and she was such a great inspiration for baking and cooking. A+ momma there!

4. Cherry Pie Larabar

Oh you fancy huh? You like this bar when you are an elitist cherry pie lover and can’t quite get all the ingredients together to make something happen. Would highly recommend snacking on this bad boy!

5. Pecan Pie Larabar

Sweet baby Jesus is this real!?!? A whole natural pecan pie bar you can put in your mouth hole and enjoy on the go without the 50 plus instructions, buying pecans etc. You got it girl.

6. Coconut Crème Pie Larabar

Get your tropical skirt out, there’s about to be a hula party in your mouth. Enjoy this one if you love coconut and hate breaking it on your own!

7. Banana Bread Larabar

Did you say BREAD? This banana bread bar IS compliant, no actual bread involved. Get your eat on with this one, you’ll be happy you did it.

8. Lemon Bar Larabar
If you are a big lemon fan, I would definitely check this bar out as a substitute for hunger on the Whole30 diet. Enjoy!

9. Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar

Oh yes! I said the triple C’s – chocolate, coconut and chew. These mix of ingredients will give you a high you will take home with you to your team.

10. Key Lime Pie Larabar

Fear not! No need to go to Key West to experience your Key Lime pie! You got it all here.

key lime.jpg

Happy Snacking kids!  🙂


Whole30 Meal Ideas

Hey all!  So excited to share some additional recipes with you that are Whole30 friendly today!

As a reminder, on the Whole30 diet, you CANNOT eat the following:

  • Dairy.  This means cheese, cow milk, cream, yogurt, half and half, butter.  Substitute these cravings with sugar free almond and coconut milk!
  • Grains.  No corn, wheat, rye, millet, buckwheat, rice, quinoa.  Substitute these cravings with potatoes, even yams, almond flour, coconut flour and more.
  • Alcohol.  No pops for you, you lush!
  • Legumes.  Lima beans, etc.  Replace with vegetables.
  • Added Sugar.  No sugar whatsoever, not even juice (only to cook with in moderation).
  • No junk food and anything with sulfites.

Some things I cooked over the last week or so include:

  • Eggs sunny side up, with Kale and Uncured Bacon


  • Italian Chicken – garlic, olives, onions, kale, chicken, tomato sauce (no sugar added), tomato past, basil, oregano, garlic, black pepper, Himalayan saltplated italian chicitalianchic
  • Chicken Leg Roast – organic chicken legs, organic brussel sprouts, potatoes, carrots, whole garlic, olive oil, himalayan salt, combine all at 425 degrees F for an hour.


Extra tips to be successful on this diet:

  1. Try to get a friend, boyfriend, husband, family member to do it with you!  If someone you are living commits with you it makes it twice as fun and twice a party once you complete your first round!
  2. Remove any food non-compliant, or any temptations.  Unfortunately my kids birthdays were close together and then Thanksgiving happened during my first round, but no worries, I didn’t cheat.  I just made sure all candy and sweets were not in my view, some I completely removed, to make sure I could not just grab it and eat it.  I hid these main sugar sweets in my cabinets so that when the kids wanted them I would give them close the cabinets, out of sight out of mind.
  3. Drink tea and coffee as your dessert.  This sounds odd, but really helped me succeed in a big way!  I used the sugar free coconut almond milk and it was really delicious and heavy almost like a hot chocolate.
  4. Be prepared always with food!  There are both Larabars and Rxbars that are compliant with the Whole30.  I would buy these and keep in your purse, car or pocket, just in case you get hungry.  Fruit and veggies are also nice to have along with a water bottle filled with ice, lime, lemon, orange, cranberries, etc. as a treat for yourself.
  5. I weighed myself.  This is supposed to be a no no, however I wanted to see immediate results which I did.  I lost about 10 pounds in the first few weeks, and if you are addicted to carbs, sugar and dairy, which I was, you will probably be as successful as I was.

In closing, I have never found a diet more successful than this one.  There is really no measuring, tracking points, etc. which gets old and boring fast.  No frozen tasteless meals and your taste buds begin to enjoy fruits, meat, veggies again.  After your first round, you can try another round, but some people opt to do the Paleo diet which I have not tried and plan on continuing through the New Year.

HAPPY EATING, and enjoy your Sunday!

10 Best Weekend Spots with Toddlers in Los Angeles

Oh the joys of parenthood!  There are times where you are just exhausted and want to stay home with the kids all day, then there are those days where you really need to get out!  We have two younger boys toddler age and we always find it tough to find places that are kid friendly, and safe for the little ones.  We have been in Los Angeles for a little over a year now and have found many different places to go with kids that are really great and entertaining for all.  Hope you can visit all this year, and let us know what you think!

  1. Under The Sea Indoor Playground



3871 Grand View Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90066


We love this place for play and parties!  We come here often to learn the kids play around and enjoy the magical wonders of the sea!  It is educational and very clean, which is a double bonus.  They are open late on Tuesday nights and have a great supportive group of moms that love to chat and exchange ideas about parenting.  Would highly recommend a visit!

 2. Kings Park



1000 N Kings Road

West Hollywood, CA 90069


This park is enclosed for the most part, except for the entrance, so very nice for speedy fast toddlers!  It has a little fountain with water that the kids can touch and play with, super zen and very beautiful.  It has a playground with a slide, mainly for smaller children though.  It comes with a waterfall on the side and bathrooms are accessible during the day, and are very clean.  My boys love it and sometimes other children leave their toys behind so if you forget to bring them it’s no big deal!

3. Roxbury Memorial Park



471 S Roxbury Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The park here has it all, a community center, tennis courts, practive walls, basketball court, volleyball, benches and views of the city.  Many bring extracurricular items like soccer balls, soccer goals, lawn bowling, bocce ball, baseball bats, gloves and balls, and anything sports related that will get your little one active and running around.

4. La Brea Tar Pits



5801 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036


You are going to love this park!  Pretty enclosed and family friendly, there are art classes your children can take, where they can paint and have a ball!  They also can run around the prehistoric mammals in tar pits to get a little history, and can play with the outdoor statues too!  Bathrooms are accessible and clean, and many times local schools will do field trips here, so filled with children and lots of fun.  They have vending machines near the bathrooms if you need a drink and a café as well that gives you access to food + drink for all.  The museums itself are kid friendly but I would recommend a stroller if you think they will wander.  Great place for kids and adults!

5. Griffith Park & Southern Railroad


4400 Crystal Springs Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027


Our boys absolutely LOVE this park!  There are train rides, old locomotive trains you can walk through and run around, a store with train memorabilia and little picnic areas for you to reserve for parties if you like, or just sit for a little picnic with your little ones.  I would highly recommend this place, but heads up, if your kids are super fans it is a hard place to leave!  Enjoy!

6. Travel Town Museum


travel town

5200 Zoo Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027


Another big winner, this train museum is free to enter, and you only need to pay if you want to enjoy the rides.  It was founded in 1952, and the train collection is extension, really awesome for boys that love Thomas the Train, and all the other trains out there!

7. California Science Center



700 Exposition Park Dr

Los Angeles, CA 90037

Check out this extensive museum that has labs for kids young and old to explore and learn more about science, making it fun!  They have different programs you can enroll in, the IMAX theater and have so many things to do that you will love.  Definitely worth checking out!

8. Zimmer Children’s Museum



6505 Wilshire Blvd #100

Los Angeles, CA 90048


LOVE this museum, would recommend calling in before to let them know you are coming!  This is really designed for children 8 and under, so what a great place to get out with your kids.  There are hands-on exhibits and family programs that you can explore with your family.  I think you will really love it.

9. Kiddie City



3825 S Bronson Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90008


I can’t say enough about the staff here, they are super nice and supportive, and VERY patient.  I would enroll in one of their programs just to get out of the house and hang with other moms & dads that are home all day with the kids.  There are so many things to go out and experience.

10. Kidspace Children’s Museum



480 N Arroyo Blvd

Pasadena, CA 91103


This place is great for a regular visit, events, programs, birthday rentals, groups and news about the community.  There are outdoor playgrounds where the kids can walk around streams and play along the Storyteller boards to paint and also ages 10 and under with their caregivers.