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4 Genius Ways to Add Baby Oil to Your Beauty Routine

Hydration gets hard as you get older.

You have to remember to moisturize daily, drink plenty of fluids, wat enough fruits and vegetables, and the list goes on.

My mother is Italian and would always put Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil on her face. We kids would find it hilarious, however now that she is older, her skin looks fabulous.

I think it was the baby oil as she hated drinking water.

Here are 4 ways to add baby oil to your beauty routine:

1. Moisture your face + body with it

2. Massage your cuticles with it, and push the white down

3. Massage on dry cracked heels for extra moisture

4. Remove makeup with baby oil

Happy oil bath! 🤣👍🙏🙌♥️🤘

Back to HomeSchooling Tips for the New Year

We are all in this together! Here are some tips to transition your children back into school in August/September that will help you keep your cool, AND get ahead of the game!

1. Buy Headphones

Like legit ones. Beats by Dre or others may have higher volumes than actual kid headphones, but I would check them out on Amazon and test them prior to getting into the school year.

2. Set a Daily Learning Space

They need to have a consistent schedule like you. I’d set aside a space where the kids can learn daily that will help you and them be the most productive they can be. Since my husband and I work from home, and I work from my bedroom, he works downstairs at his desk. We’ve decided to bring in an ottoman and chairs so they can work comfortably at their pace in the same room. If you have another room I’d suggest putting them in separate rooms if possible.

3. Buy School Supplies Now

School supplies like fresh new crayons, pencils, journals, notebooks, folders, etc. should all be purchased now, and hidden away from them so they have the feeling they are transitioning well back into real school just like you’d do if you were sending them out of the house for school.

4. Set Time for Yourself

This is tough, especialy for mothers. If you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT), take time to step away and process your feelings so the energy can fall through you and you feel fresh and rejuvenated, ready for a new you and a new year.

5. Leave Perfect Behind You

No one is perfect. Say it with me again. No one is perfect. What is perfect however is what is best for you and your family and it won’t be the same from person to person.

6. Do your best, and that’s good enough

We are all doing the best we can this year as humans in the world. The best way to support others is filling your cup first before filling others.

What have we missed? Please share your advice on prepping for the school year through homeschooling, we’d love to strengthen our community here by getting involved in the comments.

14 Sales Tips to Hit Your Goal

1. Focus on Helping Your Clients

The goal for your product and service is to help your clients win. If it works, you could have a reoccurring client on your hands. This is always the best case scenario. Be active, be present, be nimble, be attentive and work with them to best suit their needs. Get reinforcements to help you when necessary, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2. Prioritize Your Company

What has your company asked you to achieve? What is the executive plan to get there? Get help on strategizing specific goals based on realistic measures, and always create stretch goals to help other push beyond the limits. If the original plan is not working as planned, learn from the mistakes and readjust to try and create better outcomes using those fall points. Make sure the revised plan is transparent with the top, transparency and communicative clarity is imperative.

3. Build Trust with Your Community

Become someone others can rely on as a trustworthy partner that will be there to help no matter what.

4. Always End with Next Steps Wrap Up on Calls

Make sure you end each meeting with follow up notes. Define next steps on your end. Do the hard work and validate their needs.

5. Marketing Peeps Need to be Engaged and Ready to Help

Your marketing team was hired for a reason, to help you sell! Ask if they have any creative ideas to help land more business in creative brainstorming sessions.

6. Understand your Target Market

And their competitors in the space. This is half the battle.

7. Deep Dive into Your Industry

What is the future, past and present of your industry? How will it effect your sales leads? What has happened to the seasonality of your product? Make sure you have a long term plan of success, hitting all those calendar marks to makes sure you don’t miss out on new opportunities.

8. Focus on Historical Doable Leads

Has a certain type of client rung better with your product than others? Don’t waste your time recreating the wheel. If shampoo companies see the best results, make sure you span and research players in that market and contact them with previous clients successes.

9. Create Case Studies

Already have clients? Perfect. Hopefully they’ve loved your product and service and have great things to say. Backing up the product with analytical insights and thoughts on performance should help create trust with future partners.

10. Network

There are so many sales podcasts, conferences, events, online learning sessions, and sales groups out there ready to help you. Be on the lookout for LinkedIn groups, SellerCrowd gatherings, and Local Meet Ups to know who you are working with and where they go to produce new relationships.

11. Learn

Make sure you FULLY understand the state of your industry. Keep up to date with new technology, data and insights that will help you stay knowledgable and relevant.

12. Keep your CRM Up to Date

It is critical to stay organized so that you remember what stage you have your customer in, so that you can follow up. Being disorganized and sending email dupes, or sending quirky jokes that simply waste the clients time will not help you. Be detail oriented and thoughtful and you will see results.

13. Follow Up

If you follow up once or twice, it’s not enough. The top performers in my time follow up politely and respectfully, with relevant information pertaining to the industry they are in or how you thought of them when you read an article pertaining to their pain points.

14. Ask Questions

Not what they ate last night, but what are they working on now? What are their pain points? How can we make their lives easier?

What other points did I miss? Let me know below!