“I hate Mondays,” said a co-worker as he came into work and sat down with an awfuly grumpy plop.

“Ugh, me too,” I said to myself.

“Let’s get some coffee,” he said.

“Great,” I said.

I absolutely hated Mondays in my old position, and can give you a million reasons why. Some included that our product was sub-par, the people were miserable and heavily medicated, and no one seemed to care or have pride in what they were doing.

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Almost a year into it, the same guy found a new more lucrative job that had a better reputation and product.

Almost two years into it, I was laid off. I was happy sad about it. Have you ever been happy-sad or indifferent about being laid off? I went through the stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. I picked up writing again. I found new creative hobbies. I got more involved in my kids educational world. I was able to help them tremendously. I found the new me. I recreated myself and my life, and I had a lot of work to do from ground zero. I pulled myself up out of the hole and now get excited for Mondays. I want you to be excited for Mondays too, which is the purpose of this particular article today.

It is great to go through a break up at work or in your personal life because it helps you understand what you do and do not want in your life. It makes it easier to shed the unnecessary and get you back to basics.

Here are 5 ways to turn around your Mundane Mondays into Magnificent Mondays today.

  1. Be honest about your choices. Do you like your job now? Is it your job itself or the people at your job? If it is the people at your job you have no control over the people you work with, however you can set healthy boundaries. Here are two articles about setting clear boundaries at work and setting personal boundaries in daily life for your perusal. Are you working in a toxic workplace? Here are two articles about the toxic workplace checklist and helpful tips on navigating yourself from a toxic workplace to more healthy options. You always have the choice to leave your job for a new one, and if you are living in a toxic workplace holistically, it is time to start applying for new jobs. I have found LinkedIn.com to be the most helpful and the place where I most often get quick responses through active applying.
  2. Make self care the main focus of your routine. I was really overweight and tired before I started the Paleo diet, and getting out of bed took me a long time. I decided to overhaul my diet which had a heavy impact on my energy levels. Here is a Paleo diet cheat sheet to get started if you want to give it a shot. It is a lifestyle change that was worth it for me as I lost 30 pounds and feel great. In addition to enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a solid breakfast, I like to meditate for 5 minutes and write in my journal about what I am grateful for that day. It can be one thing or it can be many, but using the journal can be a dumpster for your feelings that are not facts just feelings. They are temporary and they will pass with time and healing. If you can workout before work too, 10 minutes on a rowing machine can really get you in a better headspace.
  3. Know that there is A Game of Life that you can succeed with knowledge and grit for the will to win. Here is a video and article about The Game of Life Affirmations, and how to get the things you want. This article is my top article now and really gives good advice on taking action for a better life that you love.
  4. Listen to a podcast. Whether you are looking for some comedy on the way to work through the Good for You podcast by Whitney Cummings or Tigerbelly by Steven Lee, or maybe you are into motivational podcasts, either way there are people out there giving you the gifts of their lives. They are sharing to help themselves and you to find a better life. I highly recommend test driving some new podcasts to get your mindset in a better place before you show up on Monday morning to work.
  5. Narrow down what you need to accomplish in the day. I always try to find 5 things that I want to accomplish in a day. From reaching out to that potential customer, prospecting new customers, meeting with colleagues, or following up with new business, I always like to get at least 5 things done during the day so I can see them and do them. If checklists are your thing, then get to it. Make sure your actions are producing results, and if they are not it’s good to change it up and try a new angle.

What things do you do on Mondays to make it a good day?

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