The best part about being an independent publisher is that you do not have anyone to report to but yourself. For people like me, this is the best part. I have always been naturally motivated to win, and to be able to do it on my terms is just fabulous.

Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me to express my thoughts and share what is important to me. The options of what I write about and what I talk about are completely up to me. Even better, I don’t have to really work until I am motivated to do so.

There are different types of ways I like to create depending on my mood or what I am getting into that day personally. For example, Richard Branson took the first so called trip around the earth in 4 minutes and returned successfully due to his brilliant team at Virgin Galactic. I wrote about Richard Branson’s flight the day of here, and then also followed up with a retrospective here.

I recently researched facts and way to play with dolphins. There are so many things I can do and research that other people will also enjoy.

After spending 8 days in Baja California, Mexico, I wrote about the different things you can do while visiting Cabo San Lucas. The possibilities are really endless and are ultimately up to you. You no longer have to be a slave to corporate as you build your own brand and reputation profitably.

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This is why I started to advise other people in my network to build and create too. Now my sisters, husband, and even parents are getting involved in this project, but also starting projects of their own. It is exciting to see their passion and vigor for life after feeling confident enough to express themselves in a way they hadn’t expressed themselves before.

LinkedIn projects that 10% of the global workforce will be independent creators by 2022. This is because it is amazing to be able to give back to yourself through blogging and expressing your goals and dreams. There is something about expressing yourself publicly that is freeing and invigorating unlike anything else.

The best part about being creators is that you can say goodbye to office politics and your cubicle. Sayonara suckers! It is amazing not to be oppressed by crappy bosses that are stuck in a system that is not serving them either. I create my own boundaries and stick to them. I have been able to simplify my life and I am happier than I have ever been before. My work life balance is much better now, and I thoroughly enjoy my weekends. My life has been more positive and more productive.

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That is the reason why I called this site, Leverage Ambition. Everyone else was leveraging my ambition but myself. Creating this site was a gift to myself to give back to me, rather than me serving everyone else and not seeing the long term benefits.

Here are some great blogging tips that I have learned slowly as I grow my site.

  1. Create social media profiles so that you are visible everywhere. This is a good way to show you are legit and that you exist. Even though I don’t update them as much as I would like to, I do make it a priority to post as often as I get inspired to create great content. I have created social media accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Pinterest, and more.
  2. I use back links to either my site where referencing different keywords, or I use internal links to link to additional topics that I have already written about to make it more relevant for different search engines like Google, Yahoo, GoDuckGo, and others.
  3. I don’t recreate the wheel, but I enhance it by bringing a different angles to old topics. It’s always fun to give a fresh take content that has been created before, but I try to do it better.
  4. I sometimes float with the news cycle and give a cooler angle than what the big guys do. I find out what’s trending on Google Trends, and then write accordingly if I don’t find any inspiration on my own.
  5. Collaborating and doing guest posts for other bloggers is key to help you grow your site. Being active on the Reader portion of WordPress really inspires other similar creators to post often too.
  6. Understanding SEO and longtail keywords is critical. Mediavine has a series of videos on how to grow your site organically with smart content.
  7. I have created an email list through MailChimp, so that people who subscribe to my blog receive my new blogs as they come out.
  8. I enable SMS notifications on people’s desktops and mobile experience so that they are also reminded there to read my content.
  9. Share your content on Medium and LinkedIn. Both of these sites have massive traffic and user ship, so sharing your articles here through content syndication can also help redistribute your content. You can also send money to bigger content distribution companies like ContentStudio or UpContent to reach a bigger audience, since the more pageviews you get, the more money you’ll make.

I hope these tips help you as well. We are all in this together so sharing the love and experience will do us all good.

What other good tips have you learned to create more traffic to your site?

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