It’s that time of year! Cold Season 2018! My entire family has been sick this weekend with colds and it has been pretty brutal. Both of my boys have red underneath their nose due to the constant nose blowing that has been going on and it makes for a very cranky household all in all.

Below are some things we have been doing for quick relief and hopefully a potential cure so we can start the work and school week off right.

1) Disinfect your home.


I have been cleaning and disinfecting the major living areas since our colds started. This will help to not spread it from person to person in the house. I used Lysol with bleach to disinfect the bathroom, kitchen floor, doorknobs, handle to the refrigerator so that the virus is not spread and contained as much as possible.

2) Change your bedding, including comforter, sheets and pillow cases.


During the night I saw that my children were sneezing and drooling, awesome combo I know! I want to be sure that there is new bedding replaced daily until the cold subsides so it does not get in the way of recovery.

3) Take baths and showers.


Steam is a wonderful way to break up any bad mucus in the body, and is also a great way to rid yourself of any cold symptoms you may be having. For some reason my legs were super sore, so I decided to take a warm bath and it really helped. Also, my children have been taking many baths as well to break up the snot in their nose to help drain it.

4) Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids.


My throat is starting to hurt on the third day now, and I have read that it is very important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. I have also been drinking Lipton tea with a little bit of coconut almond milk and it has helped give me energy.

5) Warm steam compress on face.


I remember my mother running a small wash cloth under the hot water in the sink, wringing it out of the water and giving it to us to put over our face until it got cold. You don’t have to wait until it gets cold but I would definitely recommend giving this a shot if you don’t feel like getting into a bath to get the steam to help loosen up the mucus in your body from the cold.

6) Vitamins.


I am currently admittedly not taking any vitamins, and I heard with a virus there is really no stopping the cold and that it has to just run it’s course. However, my kids have taken their vitamins during this cold more consistently and I have seen improvement.

7) Eat fruit.


Try to eat some fruits to help give you some energy if you are a little head foggy.  I have had a bunch of grapes and apples handy to help kick this cold.

8) Get rest.


Sorry, this is a hard one if you are always on the go. You need to rest. I would avoid anything strenuous like heavy workouts, going outside in the cold for prolonged periods of time and stress. If you can meditate, put on some nice music, like rain, waves crashing from the ocean, birds, anything that will help you heal that would be helpful for your recovery.  Stay in bed if you can, and try to get a little fresh air if you can by cracking a window.

Consult your physician if you are not feeling well just in case it is a bacterial infection that may need antibiotics. We have not seen the doctor yet as we do not have fevers, so trying to let the virus run it’s course.

If you are sick too, hope these tips help you!

Enjoy the day!