I have trouble relaxing, mainly due to the fact that I have obsessive thoughts and am always thinking of the next thing to knock out on my to do list.

The reality is that I can’t burn myself out, and I am the only person responsible for setting boundaries. There is a need for me to relax and stand still, and it is hard.

This is why we came up with 22 ways to relax today to get you out of your head and get you into some nice comfy pj’s to kick up and relax now.

  1. Stop Trying So Hard – This really resonated with me as I really do try hard. I could get some advice from the less is more category in many ways, and I need to cut it out. It may have to do with the lack of approval I got in my childhood, or maybe even learned behaviors that are so subconscious that I don’t know where it is coming from. I want to be the best to the fault of taking care of myself, and that is not okay. Working 24 hours a day is not possible, and it also won’t help me produce my best work. So I need to stop trying so hard and take a chill pill, not a real pill, just a chill pill.
  2. Let go of tension – Let it fly out the window! Tension always comes up when I have too much time on my hands or worry about things outside my immediate control. I get concerned for others so much so that I forget to take care of my own needs. Getting rid of tension through getting a massage, getting your nails done, listening to classic music, meditating, getting a foot rub, whatever that looks like for you, do what suits you best!
  3. Seek out adventure – For me, I love getting lost in and around my neighborhood. I drive around until I am completely lost, and at that moment where I know I am lost I get super happy. I pride myself on getting lost, and love it when I need to use GPS to get myself back home. That means I did a good job getting lost.
  4. Believe in magic – I believe in The Secret from Rhonda Bynres, where if you can think it up, it can come to reality. Believe in yourself and set a plan, and anything goes.
  5. Create a Vision Board – I love to create vision boards when I am feeling scatter brained and anxious. This shows me what I want in the long term, and helps me break out short term goals accordingly. I love to create my unique vision and pull it into a dream house or a dream career. The more I add to the vision board the better. I can create separate vision boards for family, career, friends, weekends and more. It is fun to rip out pictures from magazines but you can also print them off of your printer from your computer if you have one at home. Go get ’em!
  6. Make yourself at home – before we were home COVID style, I would love to sit in my comfy chair. Now I have sat in it for the last year, and I am not really loving it anymore. What I’d really love is a nice new leather chair. Our current chair is faux leather and it has since peeled over the last four years. It is time to invest in a new comfy chair! Woohoo! I am going to go to as many stores nearby and test out some good ones so I find the perfect fit.
  7. Discover who you are and what works for you – If you don’t like your job, good news, you can quit! As long as you have a back up plan and projects that will support your lifestyle, go for it! You may need to downgrade initially, but being your own boss is really the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and your family.
  8. Get decisive by flipping a coin – If you don’t know what to do, and you are not sure what choice to make, flip a coin. Seriously, flip a coin and name heads one deal and tails another. You’ll enjoy the thrill of seeing the coin flip high in the sky, and then seeing it fall to your fate. Happy flipping!
  9. Let it flow even in the face of fear – Fear is a hell of a drug. It can get us into panic mode, where we never want to get out and try something new. We convince ourselves that independence is not possible, that our voice doesn’t matter, and that we are worthless without a certain job, when that is far from the truth. We are who we are, and we are beautifully made by the universe herself. We are passing through the game of life and we need to LET IT BE. Listen to the song on repeat and come out a lighter person.
  10. Remember how to play – Do you remember how to play? Kick a ball? Draw a picture? Have fun? Do something that makes you feel like a kid again. Play SPUD. Play kickball. Play tennis. Run through the woods on a hike. Ride your bike. Get out of your house and out of your head with some fun outdoor activities. Fun helps you relax.

What things do you do to help you relax?

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