It’s about that time again, it’s mercury retrograde! But don’t be afraid! Let’s make sure we ride out this February Mercury Retrograde through February 20th with care and confidence.

When a planet goes into retrograde it appears to be rotating backwards. It provokes introspection and inner dialogue in different areas of our lives.

Mercury rules communication, critical thinking skills and inner dialogue. Aquarius can provoke creativity and how progressive we can get. Some people get really scared of retrogrades, but have no fear! This is somewhat of a stress test to see what weaknesses you have, and triggers you to improve and heal yourself.

This is a good time to create new commerce, and make new business partners to explore new creative projects. It’s a good time to reassess what you are doing now to make sure it’s aligned with your long term goals.

Why is this retrograde so impactful? Since this retrograde is an air sign, intellectual thinking and gatherings will spark new ideas that are out of the box yet informative and healing. Aquarius is skeptical and curious, and we should question what is true and what is not. It is good to get to the bottom of fact or fiction.

This is a great time to be nostalgic with older music you used to listen to. It’s also a good time to get involved with conspiracy theories and digging for the truth. It’s a good time to be strategic about the future, and plan accordingly.

How can we surf these waves and make sure we are resilient with our new cosmic energy? Make sure we are collaborative and ready to be extra intentional about how you communicate in your community and in your family life. If you are on social media, make sure you double check your information while thinking critically before posting!

Make sure you are conscious how you say things, and make sure you leave your ego and emotional state outside of communication. Mercury retrograde typically sparks challenges in this realm, so make sure we are thoughtful with the way we reach out to others.

Make sure you are connected to the cloud because this is a time of virtual insanity in the sense that you may have electronic failures, so having a backup password or backup of your files should be helpful.

Make sure you are patient and kind, instead of having knee jerk responses. Make sure your communication is clear and if the other side is not, make sure to ask a ton of questions to make sure you gather all of the information before answering or responding.

This is a perfect time to come up with innovative and creative solutions. Believe in yourself and make sure you put your ideas down on paper. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can change the world with great ideas that are well built and well executed with care.

It would be helpful for you to put an idea box together to put all of your creative ideas down on index cards. You can review all of them after retrograde at the end of the month, to see which ones you can easily build upon.

What are your plans this mercury retrograde?

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