Ah the joys of working from home are endless! You can eat whenever you want. You can stream videos when you want. You can listen to music as loud as you want. You can wear whatever you want. These are all amazing ways to get off track.

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Corona Virus has really changed the way we work. Now instead of commuting hours daily, we have more time to get more done as we work more and longer hours. It is best to work from home as to not spread the virus. It is no surprise that many are staying home now permanently as many offices are nervous to open.

Here are 7 easy ways to stay on track when working from home.

  1. Make sure you do not have any immediate distractions.
  2. Keep a home office that is organized and professional looking.
  3. Make sure you are working on a home computer that has your company’s security in mind.
  4. Time block and set hours for specific tasks, including when it is time to stop working.
  5. Get dressed as if you were actually going to the office. Business casual will do.
  6. Don’t work in your bedroom.
  7. Make sure you carve out 20 minute breaks every few hours to reset. Meditation helps.

What other ways have you been working from home that have helped your schedule?

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