Here are 6 natural and healthy weight loss tips to help you sustain the body and feels you need to be your best self!

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  1. Weight loss cannot make you happier, whole, valuable or worthy. There is a lot of pressure to have a body that is perfect. When you are saying I am broken and I can’t fix it, this is emotional work that needs to be done first prior to losing work. The journey informs the destination, so we need to be kind to ourselves first.
  2. There is no wagon. There is no on the wagon or off the wagon. As soon as we go off the wagon is that it is unrealistic and rooted in imperfection. Losing weight is not a perfect plan. When you say you are off the wagon it sends you off into a bad spiral instead of sticking to the goals we set for ourselves. Instead of a wagon, think of it as a continuum. Don’t use a mistake as a reason to quit.
  3. Instead of focusing on the foods you need to restrict or take away from you, focus on all of the foods you can include in your diet. Think about what you can try or what you can experiment with that is local and healthy. Try a few new things every week that can help you make it more enjoyable.
  4. Use the crowd out technique. Creating habits take time and patience. Make sure you have one rule. For example, make sure to use 2 vegetables a day. Once you do it for a few weeks it should become ingrained in your diet. This is a mental shift to do things that you want to do by injecting healthy items into your diet.
  5. Focus on your commitments instead of your results. Don’t let a number dictate your success. Scales move up and down in your journey. Make the shift to focus on yourself which will give you more control on the day to day. Focus on what you did right. Focus on the healthy habits and commitments that you made to you, for example drinking 10 glasses of water or eating a piece of fruit. Make a commitment daily to do something different to help keep you motivated and staying within the day. Motivation is a by product of results, so setting small goals that help you honor your commitment will give you momentum.
  6. Be reflective not rejecting. When you are not able to commit to the goals, do not tell yourself you are not capable or you are a failure. Make sure you stay curious and try to understand it rather than rejecting it and labeling it as a problem. Weight loss is about the relationship that we get to foster with ourselves. So much of what we wanted to share today was the simple actions that we can take with our mental game in the long run.

You always have to go back to you and your relationship with yourself. Be you, be kind, and help yourself be your best cheerleader.

What are some of your favorite dieting tips?

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