Skip the hangover in 2022, man! It’s the pits. If you are looking for a healthy self-connection to a better and brighter New Year, look no further!

This is a wonderful article to help you get through New Year’s Eve by staying sober and clear headed with these spectacular alcohol-free activities to celebrate the New Year! We have thrown in some mocktail ideas that are super bougie and fun to create! We have also thrown in appetizers, meals, and desserts too that you can prep to entertain your friends and guests. Remember, you are loved.

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Here are 4 spectacular alcohol-free ideas to ring in this New Year’s Eve.

  1. PREP THE SPARKLY MOCKTAILSHere is an article we pulled together last year that has 10 mocktails for New Year’s Eve (NYE) to help you feel alive tomorrow. From cherries to oranges, there are so many different fruits you can cut up to make your mocktails look fancy and taste absolutely delicious. My favorite mocktail fresh herb I like to add is mint, however a sprig of rosemary peeping out of a drink is super festive too. No matter what I love to add a wedge of lemon and lime as well as I find that these juices really help me digest my food. If you are going for a salty drink, bring your celery, tomato juice, black pepper and Himalayan salt. Here is another article we wrote that includes both mocktails AND appetizers that you’ll absolutely love too.
  2. FORMULATE THE FANCY APPETIZERS – We have a old world Italian baked clams recipe here that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF, and really make you look like the fanciest person in the room! If you are old school like me, you went to Friendly’s when you are younger. I always without doubt ordered the baked clams. They were so good, and these baked clams taste similar to the Friendly’s baked clams. You may have to run to a few stores to get the ingredients but it’s worth it. I always try to stick to the paleo diet to maintain a healthy weight, so here are some healthy paleo appetizers that I made to celebrate Easter last year. Try these appetizer recipes, and also check out my Superbowl appetizers I made last year here too. Spinach dip is always a must-have staple for every holiday, so here is my special spinach dip recipe here.
  3. READY THE HEARTY MEALS – Feed your belly with these quick and amazing American meals that are both healthy and filling, to keep you up until the 12am New Year. If you are into roasting a turkey for everyone, here is our Thanksgiving menu that will aim to please your guests and keep those heavy drinkers (if you are around them) filled with comfort and joy, and less moody! There is NOTHING like a nice hot bowl of ramen for everyone to scoop up during
  4. JAZZ UP SOME FESTIVE CREATIVE PROJECTS – We just came up with these 38 festive creative projects during the holidays, and I find that having fun creative projects can really be fun for all those introverts that may not feel the need to be very social.
  5. DIG INTO SOME EXCITING DESSERTS – Here are some rich flavorful healthy desserts that you can prep today that will help you get through it. If you are super patriotic, here are some fourth of July desserts that will get me get my sweet tooth on.

I hope you enjoy your sober New Year’s Eve, and if I don’t hear from you have a very happy New Year!

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