We are here, FINALLY! This past year felt like a slow moving turtle crossing the road, but here we are! Halfway through the year and READY TO CELEBRATE!

Quick July Fourth Meals make easy American treats that you and your friends and family will absolutely LOVE!

I am all about quick meals fast, and when they take little time and are super delicious, that’s even better.

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We decided to hang at home for the holiday since the traffic is always the pits. The beaches are always super packed too, so better to enjoy with our immediate family and neighbors with the ease and safety of being on the home front.

With that we really love uncured hot dogs (paleo style as mom doesn’t eat the buns) and french hot dog buns (for dad and the kids) to celebrate. Pair it with some good ole crinkled Ruffles and boy oh boy you got a great meal (with EXTRA KETCHUP for dipping both of course).

We also can’t turn away a good fresh hamburger. The secret ingredients include salt, pepper and some garlic powder (represent ITALY) and always buy the freshest ground meat possible at your local butcher shop. I find that the grocery store meat can sometimes expire quickly and also isn’t always the freshest. When you visit your local butcher you know you are getting the freshest meat possible that you and your family with savor.

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Red, white and blue is something to celebrate, especially when you have some fresh local fruit, like nice watermelon balls, chopped coconut, and blueberries, to lay out on the table to snack on throughout the day. Some like strawberries, but I prefer carving a big ole watermelon that is savory sweet and in season, AND it is always a big hit with the kiddos.

It’s important to stay hydrated while hot temperatures bust out of the sky. I would suggest buying some seltzer and sweetening it up with come natural fruits to quench your thirst while beating the heat. And DON’T forget the ice! I would head on out the day before July Fourth to stock up on what you can fit in your freezer. It is better to be over prepared then under, as we love cold drinks!

IF YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, and are in the LA area, here are 10 local rooftop restaurants that would love to see you!

IF YOU ARE FLAT OUT FRIED, here are 7 quick breaks for parents in need of some solid alone time here. If you are fried like burned from the sun, try aloe.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOME QUICK APPETIZERS, check out my homemade deviled eggs and appetizer recipes from our Easter celebration that will knock your socks off. DOUBLE BONUS, they are paleo friendly as well. Our family recipe for Spinach Dip is off the hook and so is our Baked Clams recipe (but use fresh clams as they are just better).

What else do you want from me? Go on now, get to planning.

Love you all, and have a safe and healthy Happy Fourth!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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