There was a state-of-emergency drought in California mandated by Governor Newsom only just in October 2021. That was only a few months ago, but look at it now! Rain is falling a record rates and snow in the Sierra Nevada part of California is crushing it at 16 feet and counting. December isn’t over yet as the snow still continues to fall.

UC Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Lab records this December is the most snow we’ve gotten since 1970. Lake Tahoe is also facing ‘winter whiteout conditions’ as fast 45 MPH winds sweep the land.

On a side note of snow, rain as you can imagine is also making headlines. A 133-year-old rainfall record was broken in Downtown Los Angeles this December with over 5 inches of rain.

Newsweek let’s us know the real deal, “The concern there is just the amount of rain that has fallen and the fact that, of course, California…has been dealing with a very significant long-term multiyear drought,” AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter told Newsweek. “Generally, any rainfall is a beneficial fit. However, the concern occurs if the rain comes too fast, too furious, and that is what the issues have been today where it’s been raining very hard in many places. The rain has added up very quickly.”

Cindy Chang shows the LA river raging in her tweet below:

Everyone complains about the rain here in Southern California, so of course we have to make fun of them. Here is a hilarious Buzzfeed video that mocks the quarter inch of rain they are getting today.

Are you excited about the rain and snow records in California? Let us know if in the comments below!

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