Nothing says Christmas like a fun, and festive family Christmas bucket list! This is the perfect list for family members that get antsy during the holidays and need new activities to do as Christmas day rolls out. It’s fun to overdo it on appetizers and drinks, but pulling together a list for new Christmas activities is a fun way to celebrate the holidays! Plus keeping busy makes all hearts and minds happy!

Here are 38 festive Christmas family projects to get into on Christmas day!

  1. Donate Toys
  2. Volunteer at local Food Bank
  3. Wrap a present
  4. Pajama Day
  5. Read a Christmas Book
  6. Pay it forward
  7. Make a wreath
  8. Eat a Candy Cane
  9. Wear and Ugly Sweater
  10. Build a Snowman
  11. Snuggle
  12. Watch a Christmas Movie
  13. Read a Christmas Carol
  14. Build a gingerbread house
  15. Wear a Santa Hat
  16. Start a fire
  17. Drive around to see the Christmas lights
  18. Take a Christmas Day Family Photo
  19. Make a new recipe
  20. Make a wreath
  21. Have a Christmas Family Game Night
  22. Go to a midnight mass
  23. Hang the stockings
  24. Drink Christmas Hot Coca
  25. Decorate the tree
  26. Make a popcorn garland
  27. Collect pine cones
  28. Buy an advent calendar
  29. Deliver treats to friends
  30. Go to a tree lighting
  31. Read about the Birth of Jesus
  32. Drink egg nog
  33. Wear Christmas socks
  34. Find peace on earth
  35. Make a Christmas grateful list
  36. Mail out Happy New Year cards
  37. Bake cookies
  38. Sing Christmas Carols

What will you be doing with your family and friends on Christmas day?

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